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Degrassi, Stop Lying to Girls

Another season of Degrassi is coming out this year, because 525 episodes of teen drama wasn’t enough. One of the episodes is called #IRegretNothing. With this episode, show writer Linda Schuyler claims she wants to “demystify” abortion and create an “accurate picture”. Yet, she chooses to have Lola (character who has the abortion) explicitly express that it wasn’t a difficult choice for her and that "she doesn’t feel sad". Excuse me, but this is NOT an accurate picture of a teenager in a crisis pregnancy and it is a slap in the face to every girl who’s gone through the hell of abortion.

Also, Lola chooses not to tell her father before she goes through with the abortion. This is encouraging divide between family members who naturally want the best for their children and it’s sending the message that if girls keep the parents out of it, they will have a breezy abortion.

This is the fourth time Degrassi features an abortion on the show. The show was always used as left-wing propaganda, so this time shouldn’t surprise us, but its history doesn’t negate the injustice and evil it is propagating. Abortion is the killing of an innocent child and it physically, emotionally, and spiritually damages women.

Degrassi, stop lying to girls.