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Canada has just begun distributing RU-486 (aka Mifegymiso), an abortion pill that can kill an unborn child up to 9 weeks at home and which has been deadly to some women. As a response, Campaign Life Coalition has begun another campaign against it called #Ru486RuCrazy?!

Each video is laser focused on one argument in order that they are easy to remember and comprehend. There are so many reasons why this drug is a bad idea, so the videos will keep coming.

You can find these and more videos on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Just look us up: @CLCYouthProLife  

Please share these videos so that women and girls may be informed. Who knows, you might save a life…or two!

If you would like to help out with the campaign, please email us at [email protected]


PS. We will also be providing a petition to the Government so that Mifegymiso is not paid for by our tax dollars. 


What is RU-486?


Happy International Women's Day! 


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