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Access Before Safety

For the past few months the press has been relentlessly lobbying for more access in Canada to the dangerous RU-486 abortion pill called Mifegymiso. The life of the unborn child killed by this drug is of no concern. The health of the woman who may undergo horrible side effects or even death is of no concern. The bad effects this drug will have on the environment is of no concern. The only concern for them: access. Access even if women already have access to surgical abortion.

Ontario has just approved the pharmaceutical dispensation of Mifegymiso, and despite the monograph outlining that the drug should “be administered under the supervision of a physician” and instructing patients to take Mifegymiso “as directed by their doctor or given to them by medical staff”, Health Canada declared that the monograph is not legally binding. Yet they fully acknowledge that EVERY OTHER COUNTRY distributing this drug legally require physician oversight. Health Canada even admits that “No other country requires fewer medical appointments than Canada”.

But still, the media spreads lies that Health Canada puts too many restrictions on this drug. Maybe they should pay more attention to why there are restrictions on it in the first place. That’s a thought.

RU-486, RU-Crazy?!

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