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8-yr-old child being exploited to promote perverted agenda

You may have seen the video that features the 8-year-old drag queen Nemis, who goes by the name “Lactatia”.

This boy performs in Vegas type drag shows by dancing erotically for the pleasure of the adults who watch. This child does not know what goes through the minds of these grownups while he performs in this horrendous show, the poor child is eight! After watching this interview video, I was very saddened and enraged that something liked this can happen legally in Canada. I proceeded to write up a list of the many things that are morally and psychologically wrong with this situation:

-According to the Piaget Stages of Cognitive Development, a child at the age of 8 is in the concrete operational stage. They are unable to make life altering decisions because although they can demonstrate logical reasoning, they are still unable to think abstractly or hypothetically. He is not aware of the gravity of his decision, nor is he aware of the consequences that will arise later on.

 -Though Nemis may just be doing this out of a psychological inclination to act as a girl, feel liberated, and have fun, he is however also exposing himself to an adult audience in a hyper-sexualized environment which is an unsafe place for a child; this is not fun.

- His parents have inserted him into a demographic that is statistically proven by the US National Library of Medicine to have higher risk of homicide, suicide, mental health consequences of harassment and discrimination, and AIDs. Given one of the primary roles of a parent is to protect their child, this is unacceptable.

- His body is being exploited by his parents, by the LGBTQ activists who are encouraging him, as well as by the viewers who attend these shows and cheer him on. Why is an eight-year-old allowed into a drag show, let alone allowed to perform? The objectification of this child by adults is sickening. There are many laws against the exploitation of children in the workforce, so why is the exploitation of this child legal at this explicit show?

- The participation of this child in this drag queen show screams pedophilia. It is the sexual objectification of a prepubescent child for the purpose of satisfying an adult audience. This story is normalizing the idea of objectifying children for the entertainment of adults, which can also lead to more cases of child abuse and rape, as children are very vulnerable.

This boy is an eight-year-old. He should be playing outside with his friends, reading books, watching cartoons...etc.—NOT performing at a drag show. This is child abuse, indirect sexual abuse by the parents! Parents have a responsibility to protect their children from harm and dangers. The situation that they put this little boy is in is unsafe, immoral, psychologically abnormal, and potentially traumatizing. If events like this keep happening, it will not be long before the social acceptance and eventual legalization of pedophilia.

Recently in Ontario the Provincial Government passed a bill called Bill 89 which will allow children’s aid services to confiscate children from their homes if the parents oppose their child having a transgender or homosexual identity. Raising your children according to your own religious or moral beliefs is now considered child abuse. Yet putting children in situations like this is what the Left would like to see forced upon society as a norm.  Is this considered healthy and safe for the child, let alone legal? Is this not abuse? I wonder what the MPPs’ in Ontario who voted in favor of Bill 89 have to say about this.