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Pro-choice rally claims Garden of Grace is not a safe space

The Garden of Grace, a prayer garden for grieving the loss of unborn children lost through miscarriage or abortion which was entirely funded by the Guelph & Area Right to Life Association, has postponed its official opening presentation due to vandalism and protests.  In October, while the garden was still under construction, protests began and the garden was vandalised. The garden was set to open in May, but the Right to Life Association decided to postpone it so that their presentation would not coincide with the protesters that continued to show up.  

This is very upsetting because the Garden of Grace was created for those who have had miscarriages or those who have come to grieve their regretted abortions, not to condemn anyone else. These protesters claim that the garden is offensive because it is condemning those who have had abortions and is making them feel guilt, but the garden is nothing of that sort. Those who say that the garden is condemning them should know that their conscience is really the one that is condemning them for the murderous atrocity of abortion they have committed or that they support. This garden is for those grieving parents who have lost a child, either from a miscarriage or an abortion and need an outlet for their grief, a place to pray.

To all those feminists who claim they stand for women’s rights, let me ask you this: what about these women? You may be saying “I did not grieve, I am relieved”, but what about the women who do grieve? Are they not entitled to their emotions? The women who recognize and respect the dignity of these babies’ lives and want to grieve their loss are now going to be interrupted by insensitive and small minded pro-choice feminists who only support women’s rights when those rights are in favour of THEIR agenda!

These women have every right to mourn the loss of their children who never received a proper burial because they were either prematurely miscarried or their parts were carried off into a dumpster. But of course the consciences of these pro-choice vandals have become so numb and their egos have become so big, that if anyone dares to pray for the unborn it will offend them so much that they feel the need to swoop so low as to graffiti “Condom not condemn” in a church garden. These acts of vandal protests against the Garden of Grace are outrageous! There is no sense in this protest because the property belongs to the Basilica of Our Lady Immaculate, and if they feel that the garden is not a safe space for them, they do not have to visit.

In Canada there is a famous monument called the “Canadian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”. Many Canadians gather there every day to pay tribute to those unknown soldiers who lost their lives in the war and were never able to receive a proper burial because their bodies were either destroyed or lost.

All across the world there are memorials that pay tribute to war victims, genocide victims, holocaust victims, and many other lost lives. Does this sound familiar to the objective of the Garden of Grace in Guelph? What about these lost lives? You don’t see anybody protesting or vandalizing any other memorial spots, why is that? This is because much of the world has lost its respect towards the lives of the unborn. This must change. The pro-life movement will continue their fight against these injustices and hopefully one day there will be many more memorials like this across Canada.