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Question 2: Men and Abortion

As part of my Men on Abortion blog series I have conducted interviews to understand what some men have to say about abortion. This is the second question of many that will be answered.

If you were in a relationship in which your partner were in a crisis pregnancy and was considering having an abortion, what would you do?

“Hypothetically speaking, considering that the situation insinuates that it’s a pregnancy that neither my partner or I have planned for – crisis pregnancy, I would assume that my partner and I would both be unprepared to be parents. I would not be able to support her and the child financially, so ultimately adoption would be the first option on my mind. Although I know that she would be extremely stressed, I would tell her that I would be more than happy to join her in counselling, and speaking about other options she has, and urge her not to go through with the abortion.”

- Nikhil, 21

“I’d advise her strongly to choose life, and stick by her, and support her. She’d be carrying my child and I would recognize and understand that that is a huge amount of responsibility that I didn’t have before the pregnancy, and I would father the child – assuming she doesn’t choose to put the child up for adoption.”

- James, 20

“Definitely demonstrate care and love for my partner, and would let her know that I firmly believe that she should carry our child to term. I would encourage her to go on with her pregnancy and would assure her that I would do my absolute best to support her and my future child. It's important for me to let her know that, despite possibly not having the means to provide for her and our child, I have the will to do so, and am willing to sacrifice myself for my child. I would let her know that our child is not a burden. That even though it may not seem to be a convenient time to have a child, or the right time for us, I would do my best to be the, "right" father for our child.”

- Anonymous, 20