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Question 3: Men and Abortion

As part of my Men on Abortion blog series I have conducted interviews to understand what some men have to say about abortion. This is the third question of many that will be answered.

What would be your role during a crisis pregnancy?

“My priority during a crisis pregnancy as a partner would be to protect the life of my unborn son/daughter at whatever means possible. Whether it is to be physically present with the mother or to support her emotionally, my role is to be the one to convince her to keep the child if the question of abortion comes up. Not just because of the moral aspects of killing the most vulnerable of society, but also as a father. If a crisis pregnancy arises, it is then up to me to support both the mother and the child, financially, physically and emotionally. If I am unable to provide apologetic reasons to convince the mother and to educate her of abortion and pregnancy, I will find the resources and if need be, the people who have already gone through something she would be going through.”
Nikhil, 21

“My role as a partner in a crisis pregnancy is to be there for my partner always, and to support her financially and emotionally. Once your partner gets pregnant you're a father, and so you have to accept the responsibility that comes with that.”
James, 20

“To support, to listen, to comfort, to relieve stress and to affirm that my partner can have this pregnancy.”
Anonymous, 20