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3 Things Doug Ford’s Win Will Hopefully Mean For Ontario

Flare, self-described as “Canada’s Fashion Magazine,” recently put out an article titled, “3 Things Doug Ford’s Win May Mean for Millennial Women.” They should really just stick to fashion.

Writer Laura Hensley asserted that Ford “does not value women’s rights—and women, rightfully, don’t trust him.” Her evidence? A CBC pre-election poll relying on a non-random sample. Because we all know that CBC is an unbiased news source that attracts a similarly unbiased following.

Hensley lists three reasons millennials should be concerned about the Doug Ford government: the possible limiting of abortion access, the impending cutting of “inclusive and comprehensive” sex-ed, and the projected continuation of “sexism and crude behaviour.” Her article is rife with fear-mongering, exaggerations, and misrepresentation.

So, in response to her article, I, incidentally a millennial woman, composed my own (remarkably similar) blog post, detailing what I hope Doug Ford’s win will mean for millennials and the rest of Ontario.

1. Abortion access could be limited.

Hensley includes this possibility on her list as if it’s a bad thing. If we do (finally) get a law on the books restricting abortion, that’ll actually just bring Ontario in line with most of the rest of the world in not treating abortion like a free-for-all. Even pro-choicers should be able to get behind common-sense measures like parental notification or consent laws surrounding abortion. In fact, a 2008 poll conducted by Leger Marketing and Environics revealed that 65% of Canadians would support a law that requires minors to receive their parents’ consent prior to getting an abortion, because they get that parents shouldn’t be left out of the loop when it comes to such a serious decision.

Hensley, instead of specifically explaining her problems with a parental consent law or trying to tackle the question of the moral permissibility of abortion, just incites alarm by claiming that “reducing access to safe, legal abortions has historically put women in dangerous situations,” as if any sort of restriction whatsoever will have women flocking to the back alleys… Regardless, an important point Hensley misses is that abortion is never safe for the unborn child, as the purpose of abortion is to kill that child, and for that reason, we should be trying to limit access.

2. The radical and age-inappropriate sex-ed curriculum will be repealed.

Again, this is something to be celebrated, not something to be concerned about. Contrary to Hensley’s claims, it is the current sex-ed curriculum that is harmful to children. Repealing it would alleviate some of the suffering (though, sadly, not all). No child should be told to question their gender, be encouraged to masturbate, or be introduced to concepts like anal or oral sex.    

Furthermore, Hensley’s statement, “While Ford has a lot to say when it comes to young women accessing abortion, he doesn’t want sex-ed taught in the classroom,” is incorrect. Ford doesn’t want this sex-ed curriculum taught in the classroom, but he intends to replace it with a new sex-ed curriculum, this time developed in proper consultation with parents.

3. A sense of moral decency will return to Queen’s Park.   

Hensley forecasts that “sexism and crude behaviour will continue.” Speaking of, let’s take a moment to remember real culprits like PC leader Patrick Brown or convicted child pornographer and former Liberal Deputy Education Minister Benjamin Levin (who had a hand in the sex-ed curriculum by the way).

Compared to them, Ford is a breath of fresh air. I mean, he’s certainly not perfect, and I won’t be an apologist for all of his past behaviour, but the more recent grievances Hensley lists, like Ford’s complimenting of Wynne’s smile, or his ducking of questions from a hostile media, are hardly transgressions in my book.

Hensley’s comparison of Ford to Donald Trump also falls flat. When it comes to dismissing one’s adversaries through guilt by suggested association, instead of substantive arguments, it seems that Trump is the new Hitler these days.

Anyway, I’d like to instead suggest that with so many pro-life and pro-family MPPs heading to Queen’s Park this fall  (many of whom are actually millennials), and with Ford at the helm (instead of Wynne or Brown), the chances that Ontario’s moral decay will end are fairly good. When the importance of conscience and sexual morality (as opposed to unrestrained sexual freedom) get talked about, and a sense of accountability restored, expect to see a decrease in the very behaviour Hensley deplores.

In conclusion, I agree with Hensley when she says, “There’s only one solution to Ford’s win, and that is to fight.” We must fight to hold Ford accountable to his promises. We must fight back against a media (Flare included) which will try to shame the PCs for any of their efforts to restore free speech, conscience rights, parental rights, etc. Yes, our political adversaries were defeated in the election, but our work is only just beginning.