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Legal, but not good - a poem

A Poem by William, a grade 10 student

One night, I was lying in bed.
My mind was spinning, an internal voice said,
“When did humanity become ever so cruel?
People don’t understand that life is a jewel!
They keep putting an end to the lives of the unborn!”
I pondered this thought until came the morn.

Abortion is a predator, waiting to pounce.
It is a practice that we must renounce.
It’s like hiring a hitman to take a life,
Hiring a criminal wielding a knife.
There’s no doubt about it; abortion is wrong!
And in this world of darkness, we must stay strong!

Some people don’t think that this is an issue.
To them, the unborn are merely plain tissue.
This is not true, and many lose sight,
That life is the first inalienable right.
Abortion is legal, but abortion’s not good.
And though one can do it, it doesn’t mean one should.

Some people think life begins at birth
And that before then they can determine the worth
Of any baby growing within the womb,
And choose to bring about that child’s doom.
But we must not fall for this terrible deception.
All human life begins at conception.

Some people would shake their heads, and plainly say,
“I am just too poor, there’s no other way!”
However, there is still the beautiful option,
Of putting these children up for adoption.
The thing is that from where I stand,
Abortion would be much better off banned.

Knowing that people kill babies from within
Makes me feel a sharp blade pierce straight through my skin.
Whatever happened to humanity,
That would cause it to resort to this insanity?
I write this today, by voluntary choice,
To speak out for those who cannot use their voice.

It could have been me, it could have been you,
Who could have been gone, before anyone knew.
We are truly blessed to be alive,
But there are those who, into this world, never arrive.
They may not look like much to us at first glance,
But can we at least give these infants a chance?


William is a Grade 10 student from Georgina, Ontario. William wrote this pro-life poem for a Poetry assignment in his English class and shared it with CLCYouth. He is the oldest of 12 kids, and he enjoys watching movies, listening to music, being involved in youth and music ministry, and playing board games.

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