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I'm not Crazy.

I am relatively new to being actively involved in Canada’s pro-life movement. As a result, I have been caught up in the sways of massive learning curves, not only in regards to pro-life apologetics but more so, pro-life politics.

Having only experienced what it means to be in favour of legal protection for children in the womb within a Canadian context, I honestly thought that the entire pro-life movement around the world was as it is in Canada: Resistance efforts that face increasing persecution and sometimes violent objection. The truth is that it can be very daunting to hold any sort of definitive beliefs about anything that contradicts the populist ideas of the current Canadian Liberal administration.

In addition, with the constant banter of the media and the all too frequent misrepresentation of events, it’s easy to start feeling outnumbered and then allow our socially-oriented minds to shift those things that we once held dear into fields of doubt. In other words, when it appears as though the whole world is against you, it’s easy to start questioning your resolve on the big question of our generation: Is abortion okay?

On January 18th, I had the great pleasure of attending the March for Life in Washington, DC, with a phenomenal group of other Canadian young people. My biggest takeaway? I am not crazy. I’m not crazy for thinking that a fetus is an early stage of human development and should be afforded the same dignity as a full-grown adult. I’m not crazy for thinking that it’s possible to maintain a state of compassion for all women who find themselves in crisis pregnancies without compromising on the value of their unintended children. I never was crazy and I never will be crazy for holding these views because the pro-life position is the only position supported by generations’ worth of true scientific discovery, as well as objective morality.

I guess if enough people call you an intolerant bigot or a so-called “religion pusher” then you kind of start to believe that maybe they're right. That’s why, walking away from the biggest pro-life rally in North America, I am convicted of the importance of seeking out like-minded individuals that share the same values and are striving to live as well-formed, intellectually honest people. We are not nearly as marginal as the “fake news” might have us believe. And our position is neither cruel, nor inhumane, but is rather one of solidarity and mindfulness. It’s important to reach out to others who believe the same for strength of mind and perseverance in opposition.