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Unplanned’s Unplanned Success

There have been many opinions on the movie Unplanned since it aired in cinemas across Canada. In my opinion, the movie was filled with hope for the pro-life movement. It moved me to tears on numerous occasions, beginning with the horrifying abortion scene and then continuing to when I watched Abby Johnson convert from a Planned Parenthood Clinic Director into one of the biggest anti-abortion activists. The two times that I watched the movie in Vaughan, Ontario, the theatre was packed. People wanted to know the truth. People wanted to see what Abby saw. I went into the theatre thinking that if Unplanned could change the mind of at least one person that night, then the movie would have done its job. However, it did so much more!

In a Live Action blog, Kelli outlined her experience of watching Unplanned. During the scene in the film where the baby is seen struggling for his/her life while the abortionist pulls at it with his tools, Kelli and her friend were surprised by their own reaction. They had seen actual abortion footage before, however watching this CGI depiction of a 13-week-old baby fighting for his/her life was emotional and gut-wrenching.The intensity of their feelings caused them to look away. Tears, grief, and horror are the words they used to describe their reaction to the scene. In another scene, Abby’s experience with abortion pills caused her stomach to churn and triggered another emotional response within the two friends. 

Unplanned motivates us to do something about the issue. The thought of abortion is made to be horrifying, and it should be. The purpose of Unplanned is not simply to show you what Abby saw, but to show you the truth so that you can add your name to the list of those willing to stand for life in the pro-life movement. Canada currently has no restrictions on abortion. According to, in 2016, 97,764 abortions were committed in Canada. 

Statistics say that after the first two weeks of the film’s release in the United States, nearly 100 abortion workers left the industry. We don’t hear that on the news! Instead, the media portrays Unplanned as a dangerous anti-abortion movie that is full of lies. According to CBN News, Abby Johnson is sending copies of Unplanned to abortion clinics. She wants other abortion workers to know that there is hope; there is a way out of the abortion industry. Let us continue to pray for the conversion of those who are still working in the abortion industry.

Grandinmedia stated that over its first three days, Unplanned earned $352,000, averaging more than $7,100 per screen.The movie took in almost $643,000 in total over its week-long run. In fact, Chuck Konzelman, writer and director of Unplanned said that Unplanned has the second highest per-screen average for any film in North America during opening weekend. Unplanned has recently been released on Amazon and ranks no. 1 for Amazon’s DVD Sales. Congratulations to Unplanned on their unplanned success!

The people have spoken. They want to know the truth about the horrors of abortion. No matter how much the opponents wanted to ensure that Unplanned never made the screens, beginning with giving the film an R rating in the United States, the truth prevailed. Unplanned is a movie that a viewer could never forget. It will impact you in ways you never thought it could. The movie is guaranteed to change your view on abortion forever. It will prove to you that abortion is wrong and that it is an issue that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

I remember when I was little I received a Precious Moment statue from a family member that read: “I never said it would be easy, I said it would be worth it." These words are true. Our battle against abortion was never easy, and it is never going to get easier. We must persevere in this battle and fight for those without a voice. No matter what happens, we must stay united with the most vulnerable: the unborn.