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March for Life Washington D.C 2022: Part One of Five

Before the March - Thursday, January 20th, 2022 


To be totally honest, I was very uneducated about the grave evil of abortion until this trip really opened my eyes to it. Even before we departed from Pearson International Airport, I was nervous to be totally honest because I did not really know anyone I was going with, but that soon changed when we all just started to talk to each other and bond. That is really when I started to get excited about the impending journey we were about to embark on.  



 I haven’t been out of the country since 2018, but this is the first time that I’m crossing the border to protest and fight for something that is right, and I was totally ready for it. After around a 2-hour wait at our boarding gate, we finally boarded our flight at 2:20 PM and we departed around 2:50 PM. Just my luck, my seat didn’t have a window, but oh well, the important part for me was getting to D.C (which I forgot was only around an hour flight.)  



Once we landed at Ronald Reagan National Airport, we departed to the shuttle bus stop that would bring us to the subway station at the airport. Once the shuttle came, one man came out of the bus looked at me and fist bumped me. I was really confused until he said to me “Go life! See you tomorrow!” and that is when I remembered that there will be thousands at the march, standing up for the sanctity of life and defending those who cannot defend themselves.  


Once we got onto the subway, not only was it absolutely packed, looking at the transit map confused me. It is probably because I was used to the TTC subway layout that seeing a subway map that goes every direction just confused me. Anyways, 2 trains and a 10–15-minute walk after, we finally reached the Churchill Hotel on Embassy Row where we settled into our rooms and rested for a bit until we decided to get dinner at an Italian restaurant named “Bucca Di Beppo.”  



That restaurant had good food and the decorations were quite exquisite, but some of us were more intrigued with their choices of music, some were good, and some were questioned by some of us. As a Catholic, I also was intrigued at this Catholic themed table within the restaurant that including this bust of Pope Francis encased in glass right in the middle. What a start in D.C.  


We then went to a CVS to grab posters and markers to make our signs for tomorrows march and that is what we spent the rest of our nights doing. For my poster, I decided to write an Old Testament and New Testament bible passage to show the law of God and the grace of God at the same time for those who have abortions, support abortion, or those who do the procedures which take away life.  



To be continued in part two...