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Abortion Advocacy In Canada Post Roe

Over the past few weeks, in light of the Roe v. Wade overturning, abortion advocates in a collective effort to come to terms with the seminal legal decision have become completely unhinged. On the media, blue-haired feminists and abortion supporting politicians have exploded in irate tirades, chanting incomprehensible pro-abortion arguments and slogans with reinvigorated tenacity. In the words of former US President Barack Obama, “The Supreme Court not only reversed nearly 50 years of precedent, it relegated the most intensely personal decision someone can make to the whims of politicians and ideologues—attacking the essential freedoms of millions of Americans.” 

Aside from the archetypal pro-choice talking point, Barack’s statement isn’t unillumined by some ironic insight. It’s hard to believe that for years the lives of millions of children—their freedom to live, taken away by abortion—was attacked by a wobbly document (now found to be unconstitutional), which was premised upon highly impersonal vote of nine white, male justices. (No uterus, no opinion, right?) 

In any case, the momentum has overflowed up north.   

Here in Canada abortion advocates are now concerned that with Roe overruled, Canada will somehow soon become an imaginable, nightmarish dystopia: a country where babies are not killed in the womb. Kelly Bowden, director of policy and advocacy at Action Canada, said that she advocates for a “wait and watch” approach to see if there will be a spillover effect to the overturning of Roe V. Wade in Canada, commenting that “The actual numerical impact of [Roe v. Wade] is yet to come in the U.S. as well as, enshrined right here in Canada is that Canadians continue to face barriers to access here. So, we also need to concentrate on ensuring that our system is strong and that the universal health care of abortion which we are granted as a convenience is actually accessible here as well.” In other words, even though abortion is permitted in Canada throughout all nine months for any and no reason at all, paid by the taxpayer, and every attempt at discussing legal protection for children in the womb is often shut down before a proper debate can take place, according to Canadian abortion activists, now is the time — more than ever — that Canada should double down on abortion accessibility.  

The Supreme Court’s judgement has certainly reignited conversation on our own shores. Who exactly are the chief abortion lobbyists and campaigners in Canada and how are they working to promote the pro-death narrative?   

The answer to that is as simple as it is morally unintelligible. Abortion advocacy endures zealously through the backing of Trudeau-selected groups. As his especially favourite “charity” initiatives, they are sustained by deep, full pockets abundant with money and connections that span across the messy, unscrupulous domain that is the modern United Nations.   

The front runners of abortion advocacy in Canada are Action Canada for Sexual Health & Rights and Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada. Their funding is easy to come by because they are unquestionably financed by the government of Canada and by affluent elite leftists with reprehensible ideologies. Action Canada, which recently has started to refer to themselves as Planned Parenthood Canada, makes for a particularly interesting case because up until Trudeau’s election in 2015, this organization was an unknown fringe group with a handful of staff. When Trudeau was elected, he started to fund them, broadening their activism horizons with his Feminist International Assistance Policy, thereby legally sanctioning preferential money funneling into pro-abortion organizations over any other charity or initiative.  

Thanks to their generous financial arrangements, Action Canada has involved itself with multiple initiatives, all centered around providing and promoting ‘sexual and reproductive health and rights’ (SRHR), fundamentally translating to birth control and abortion access on demand for women in Canada and in impoverished countries around the world. An example of this money-activism relationship is illustrated most clearly and as recently as 2021 when Health Canada gave over two million dollars for Action Canada’s Access for All campaign, a hotline for all things “sexual health”. Another project underway since 2020, Rights from the Start, has received over 10 million dollars in funding from the government of Canada to facilitate abortion access until 2024 in targeted districts of Bolivia, Ecuador, Guyana and Peru. More recently, just before the National March for Life in Ottawa, the government announced an additional $2.1 million in funding for a three-year period to help Action Canada strengthen their sexual and reproductive health and rights services. In addition to tax-payer money redistributed through the government, Action Canada has also received funds from Bill and Melinda Gates foundation for the sake of “family planning” initiatives, so that parents have the resources to kill their undesirable children, when they are not convenient.  

The Gates foundation and Action Canada share common connections and contacts. Action Canada has allied themselves with organizations such as the Sexual Rights Institute (SRI), Canadian Association of Parliamentarians on Population and Development (CAPPD) and Cooperation Canada. Together with the Gates foundation, all these organizations-- by virtue of their association and projects-- retain connections at the UN. They share one ultimate goal, that is, to bolster global support for abortion and to enshrine a universal right to abortion around the world.  

Our Canadian government plays right into this.  

On a diplomatic level, according to the Trudeau Liberals, abortion is at the “core” of Canada’s foreign policy. Trudeau, keen to keep his word, through ordinances crafted by his own hand, has facilitated just that. With the codification of the Feminist International Assistance policy, he pledged up to 700 million dollars per year to advance his “sexual health” agenda, trying to push Western ideologies throughout the developing world. Perhaps a fact little known to the average Canadian, but Canada’s abortion crusade spills onto the global stage, whose facilitation is made possible by organizations such as Action Canada.

However, as evidenced by Nigerian pro-life author and activist Obianuju Ekeocha, abortion “aid” is unwanted and rejected by majority of African citizens. African nations are some of the few who still believe in the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death. As per Ekeocha's research, Africans have a problem with the Western status quo definition of “sexual and reproductive” rights. While Ekeocha doesn’t deny that African countries need money, the Nigerian intellectual said that the money should be better put to use for things that are desperately necessary: food, access to clean drinking water and education. 

However, this is not to be.  

At least not under Trudeau and the liberals because Canada’s supposedly benevolent money lending comes with strings attached. To accept a Western donor means to accept their ideological views—no matter if they are completely dissociated with a culture’s views and morality.  

All of this foreign policy and economic thought, these legitimate concerns and conversations, have been reawakened by the momentous advent of Roe v. Wade’s overturning, the effects of which have spilled over to Canada. Canadians are talking about abortion—whether it’s at the kitchen table, at the workplace, among friends or even in the greater media networks.  

Yet on the media, the broader philosophical, economic and moral debate will be diluted into commonly replayed pro-choice soundbites. The mindless harping of “my body, my choice” or of ad-hominem attacks on pro-lifers, that is, we’re tyrannical right-wing, domestic terrorist conservatives (can’t they come up with anything original?).  

On the whole it seems that ever since Roe, pro-aborts in Canada have been harping on this issue with greater zeal; the public relation campaigns have gone off the charts. Action Canada, for example, started fundraising within hours of the announcement. Similarly, Trudeau reaffirmed support for a woman’s right to “choose”, translating to monetary and political reinforcements for his selective pro-abortion, charity groups to continue operating at full steam.  

Ostentatiously, pro-choicers have taken to media platforms to defend “women’s rights”, proselytizing about increased abortion access and making tik-toks in the car, angrily screaming to spout forth their hatred for Justices Clarence Thomas, Amy Coney Barett and others. 

It looks like pro-choicers are nervous, maybe even scared because they know it’s coming. 

The tide is turning on abortion. So now is the time for pro-lifers to ride the wave, to use the momentum to our advantage.