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Truth Or Travesty? Getting To The Roots Of The Transgender Movement

Over the last decade, society has become a breeding ground for gender ideology. The “Pride” flag has been updated to a “progress” flag, incorporating the colours of the transgender movement to be more “inclusive.” LGBTQ+ activities have become a part of school curriculum that force young and impressionable children to question their biological sex, embrace gender fluidity, and choose their preferred pronouns. Even Disney, with its once wholesome fairytales, now promotes gender ideology to its extensive audience. The leftists’ agenda has infiltrated society, and it is spreading like wildfire - but I’m not even surprised. 


In the last ten years especially, there has been a significant rise in the number of people rejecting their biological sex. A Canadian census conducted in 2021 collected data on people’s birth sex and the gender they identify as now. The results showed that the proportions of those identifying as transgender or non-binary were three to seven times higher among members of Gen Z and Millenials than those from older generations. 


Why is this? What is causing this desire in young people to take life-altering hormones, undergo sex-changing surgeries, and irreparably mutilate and sterilize their bodies? Is this a real epidemic of true gender dysphoria, or is the truth much more sinister? 


While many would answer that this is due to the fact that society has become more accepting of transgender individuals over the last decades, I disagree. 


Instead, I believe that this ongoing trend has everything to do with the world’s rejection of truth, the indoctrination of our youth, social contagion, and the victim culture of today’s society. 


This trend has nothing to do with people realizing “who they truly are” and everything to do with social conditioning.  



The Rejection of Reality and Objective Truth: 


Over the years, there has been a complete breakdown of truth in society. 


Truth has become subjective, bound by the whims of personal feelings. People have become arbitrators of their “own truths,” rejecting reality entirely. 


While this is clearly absurd, this flawed system of logic and its prevalence in society is crucial to understanding the spread of the transgender movement in recent years. Without a belief in objective truth, there is no longer any foundation upon which to base anything in society, including the idea of gender. 


Thus, if a man says he is a woman, or a woman says she is a man, who can contradict them? The answer is that no one can. They have destroyed the very meaning of words themselves. 


And, just like that, society falls to ruin.




“Repeat a lie often enough and it becomes the truth.” 


Everyone has heard this quaint little saying before. It is attributed to Joseph Goebbels, and I think that it accurately encapsulates what is happening in today’s society. 


From a young age, individuals are bombarded with propaganda that ruthlessly promotes gender ideology. In school, young and impressionable children are taught that they can be whoever or whatever they want to be - including the opposite sex - even if it means taking life-changing hormones, mutilating their bodies, and becoming sterile forever. Children are taught that there is no objective truth and that their subjective feelings are all that is necessary to define reality. 


Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have become hotbeds for gender ideology propaganda to be created and shared with an extensive audience in a way that was not possible in previous generations. People who spend hours a day on apps such as these are continuously bombarded with such material, and so, soon enough, they begin to believe it. 


Society markets gender ideology as “love” and “inclusivity,” and enforces it through a strict system of shaming. People who speak up are labelled as “homophobes,” “transphobes,” or even “bigots.” Not only has society managed to indoctrinate its citizens to this new “truth,” but it has also managed to scare any opposition into silence. Objective truth is now considered “hate speech”, and no one wants to be considered “hateful.” 



Social Pressure and Contagion:


Besides the use of indoctrination, the transgender movement is further promoted through the phenomenon of social contagion; the spreading of harmful ideas through societal pressure or the influence of peers. 


This, I think, is key to why we have seen such a dramatic rise in those identifying as transgender in recent years. Never have we seen this ideology promoted to the extent to which it has been promoted in the last decade. Now, not only is it widely accepted to identify as something other than one’s biological sex but it is actually encouraged, promoted, and marketed as something cool and revolutionary.  


Human beings are communal by nature. We need people, we need friends, and we need community in order to be able to truly flourish. This means that humans inherently desire to be loved and accepted. Because of this desire, young people especially are easily influenced by their peers. Although this applies to all ages, young people and children are especially known to want to do what their friends are doing, because they want to fit in and feel included. 


Today, with our universal accessibility to the Internet and social media, transgender propaganda has become available at levels that it has never been available before. Children are able to join online communities and support networks, watch transgender YouTubers, follow trans activists on social media, and become fully immersed in a culture they otherwise would never have had access to. In a desire to be accepted and acknowledged by their peers, kids begin to see a new identity as key to fitting in: this is social contagion. 


Identifying as transgender allows people to tap into a whole community that is widely promoted across society. Identifying as trans now makes you one of the “cool kids;” you’ve done something radical and revolutionary. Especially in today’s culture, where being “different” makes you more interesting, for a person with no “tragic backstory” or for someone who feels as though they just don’t fit in, adopting a new gender gives them a sense of identity, community, and belonging that they may not have felt before. 


I believe that without the popularity that has become associated with the transgender movement, there would be little or no incentive at all for people to identify as something other than their biological sex. However, since transgender indoctrination has reached such a level that young people are actively encouraged to change their birth sex and receive sex-reassignment surgeries, young people who would never have even considered that they might be something other than their biological sex are deciding that they should identify as something else in order to keep up with their peers. 


A Culture of Victimhood: 


Identifying as transgender not only has the potential to make a person popular, but it can also allow that individual to tap into the culture of victimhood that has become so prominent in today’s society. 


Today, people tend to dwell on offences received or perceived, and internalize these offences until they have become a part of their very identity. The problem with this mentality is that human beings are more than what has been done to them. Our identities are more than some past trauma. Our experiences are not our foremost identifying factor, and they ought not to be used as such. 


Because society has come to view people through the lens of oppressor and oppressed, identifying as transgender allows someone to tap into what they consider a whole history of oppression and victimhood. By claiming to be transgender, a person is able to identify with a whole “oppressed” class, and thus claim all the moral superiority that comes with such an identity. Because you now belong to an oppressed class, you deserve all the special treatment and affirmation that comes with belonging to a minority class; you become untouchable. 




Overall, I am not surprised at the success of the transgender movement over the last decade, since society has effectively created the conditions that allow such a system of thought to flourish. 


So, what can be done?


The answer is simple: society must return to God.


The greatest flaw in the transgender movement is their rejection of God and His plan for Creation. If there is no Eternal Being who created each individual with loving intent, then what is stopping individuals from becoming whatever or whoever they want? If we were not created with purpose, then who is to say a man was not meant to be a woman, or a woman a man? Ultimately, without God, everything becomes meaningless, even one’s sex. 


All people desire to be loved and accepted. This whole movement of transgenderism is carried and perpetrated by people who are yearning to be loved and accepted, and who believe that changing their bodies will allow them to achieve this love and acceptance. However, this is completely false.


 “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you,” God says.


If we accept the fact that God has created each of us with a special purpose in mind, we no longer need to worry about being loved or accepted, because our worth does not come from how we are perceived by others but from God Himself. God deeply loves each person, and each person has been uniquely created by Him exactly as He meant them to be.