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Standing across the street from an abortuary always gives me a gut-wrenching feeling. I am sure that most pro-lifers who have experienced this understand what I am saying. Two by two the unsure, emotionally distressed young girls, with their children inside of them, walk into the clinic. One by one the shattered young ladies walk out, a little part of them having been sucked away in that remorseless vacuum. It is surreal to watch the operations of such a place of destruction, even if is from a distance. 

I always make a point of going to the local Calgary abortuary. Watching the destruction unfold before my eyes renews my determination to work towards the annihilation through education of the entire abortion system. A system which rips children apart limb from limb.  A system which destroys women who have been, most often, deceived into believing lies and empty promises. The destruction will only end when we make it end. Defunding abortion is not just a nifty piece of policy but a very powerful tool towards ending the entire injustice.

If you want to see the destruction for yourself; to experience in a significant way how the onslaught is slowly weakening the very fibers of our society, than a good organization which needs volunteers is 40DaysforLife. I encourage everyone to get in contact with them. 

Our defunding campaign also relies on getting the funding and the volunteers to take our plan to completion. To get involved in the defund campaign, email us at [email protected] or [email protected]

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