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When I was in grade six I had thee BEST Arthur-themed birthday party in the entire universe (what a wonderful kind of day, HEY!). We had the hats. We had the cake. We had a blast.

Today is International Women’s Day. Planned Parenthood Toronto is celebrating “50 years of choice” with a gala fundraising dinner outside the Ramada Plaza Hotel (link attached to complain). Guest speakers include City Councillor Adam Vaughan, MPP Rosario Marchese and talk-show host of CP24, Cynthia Loyst.

What do these two things have to do with each other? Nothing. I just like Arthur. And I’m a pro-life activist.


Twenty-five years ago my nineteen-year-old mother experienced an unplanned pregnancy.  When she went to the doctor, the first thing she was asked is if she wanted to have an abortion. If my mother had been successfully lured into their web of deceit, I would not be here today. My death would have been their cause for celebration. 

What a twisted irony it is that today, while I am celebrating the day of my birth, Planned Parenthood Toronto is celebrating the murders of hundreds of thousands of my brothers and sisters, with their guests of honour being the elected officials of my city.  I cannot stand by and do nothing. I know that because I was given the chance to live 25 years ago, it is my duty and obligation to stand up for those who never got a chance to, and say enough is enough.  It’s the duty of all of us.

It’s no coincidence that this event is taking place five minutes from my house, or that I just so happen to know an awesome group of dedicated young pro-lifers and have a bunch of “choice” chain signs at my disposal.  The Arthur birthday hats are staying in the closet this year. Tonight, we protest. Tonight, we show Planned Parenthood Toronto what celebrating “choice” really means. Happy Birthday PPT! You’re in for a treat!