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The Truth About Liars


If I wanted to pay to be lied to, I’d get an abortion, not watch an “award-winning newscast” to “set the facts straight”. Yesterday, the state-broadcaster, otherwise known as the CBC, made John Wilkes Booth look like an amateur by assassinating the truth in their false reporting on one of the most disgusting stories to face Canada since the Pickton trials. 

In October 2012, blogger Patricia Maloney uncovered the horrifying fact that recent Statistics Canada reports show that from 2000- 2009, 491 children were born alive after botched abortions and left to die, resulting in numerous homicides under the Criminal Code. After learning of this infanticide, MPs Maurice Vellacott (Saskatoon-Wanuskwein), Leon Benoit (Vegreville-Wainwright), and Wladyslaw Lizon (Mississauga East-Cooksville) sent a letter to RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson asking him to launch a federal investigation in connection with these deaths. Seems pretty straight-forward right? Well, that is unless you are a government-funded news program, or a pro-abortion Member of Parliament. Or the Prime Minister.

During yesterday’s episode of the evening “news”, Bobbsey twins Gloria Macarenko and Hannah Thibedeau reported the compelling story of how three tory MPs sent a letter to the RCMP asking them to investigate abortions committed after 20 weeks as “possible homicides”. What a laugh riot! Or so Macarena appears to think so, smirking and smiling whilst relaying this false piece of propaganda. She then turns it over to Tornado, who waves the “infamous” letter around like it was the World War II ultimatum saying the letter “says we want you to investigate abortions that take place after 20 weeks because they want them classified as homicides… they say it breaches the Criminal Code and want it thoroughly investigated”. To “validate” this report, a screen shot is then shown of the letter, which says, “these incidents appear to be homicides. Therefore a thorough police investigation is required, and I am formally requesting you to pursue that.” They don’t call Thibedeau the  “Context Butcherer” for nothing. The letter was asking the RCMP to investigate the deaths of 491 babies who were born alive and left to die not, as Nancy Drew puts it, to investigate abortions after 20 weeks as possible homicides.

It doesn’t end there.

Just when you thought we only had to contend with the Canadian version of the National Enquirer spoon-feeding us fresh and zesty homemade cow pies, a video is then shown of proceedings that day in the House of Commons whereby MP Megan Leslie stands up asking the Prime Minister to make it clear that he and his government understand that abortion is not murder, after claiming that three Conservative MPs are trying to get the RCMP to investigate abortions as homicide. Loud applause ensues.  Harper then rises, presses “play” on his magical phonograph that cues up his broken record, saying, “this government has made it clear that the government does not intend to change the law in this regard”.

So there you have it folks- one false report has the whole government in a tizzy, while illegal infanticide remains ignored. Well-played CBC. If Canadians find out that infanticide is happening in this country, then abortion will be criminalized and women will got to jail! This “little white lie” had to be done to save the humanity of womyn across the country, right? Right?

I have to say that the only program I ever enjoyed watching on CBC was when they aired their autobiography. Click here to watch the full episode entitled, "The Truth About Liars"

By: Denise Mountenay
February 1, 2013 @ 1:52pm
Bravo Alissa! Good job! So glad the truth is coming out and BRAVO to these 3 amazing, brave MP's!!

I hold the abortion doctors most accountable since they are biased and do abortions on demand for profit and making millions of dollars from decapitating, poisoning, and dismembering innocent children.

Many women are pressured or coerced into abortions and not given all of the facts and information on fetal development and risk on what an abortion really is, and does.

WE are collecting testimonies from women hurt by legal hurt us and killed our we are a voice for them, who have no voice.

God bless you,
Denise Mountenay