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United Nations: CSW57 Paradox



CSW57 Paradox: Abortion access is a priority to end violence against women, even if that results in there being no women.

The 57th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women is well underway and as predicted, the push for sexual and reproductive rights from extreme pro-abortion advocacy groups and UN bodies is permeating throughout the U.N.

Leave it to UN Women to lead the pro-abortion chorus.

Side note: The following tweets from UN Women quote Ms. Bachelet, Executive director of UN Women and former president of Chile.

@UN_Women: Ms. #Bachelet: We must promote the right to highest standard of health, including sexual & reproductive health for all. #CSW57 #reprorights

@UN_Women: Limiting access to sexual & #reprohealth services makes women more vulnerable to violence. #endVAW #CSW57 via @UNFPA UN

@UN_Women: Ms. #Bachelet: “Don’t blame the condom for promiscuousness” – sexual health promotes healthy relationships. #CSW57 #reprorights

They would have us believe that sexual and reproductive rights with solve all the world’s problems, and abortion access is the solution to end violence against women.

Forced abortion for example is a devastating form of violence against women (both for the mother and her pre-born child) and is a massive problem in China and India – two countries where abortion is legal and where discrimination against females through sex-selective abortion is rampant.

These people are in denial.