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Meet our newest CLCY coordinator

Marie-Claire Bissonnette grew up on a farm near Brantford with her loving parents and six younger siblings. Her parents met working for Campaign Life Coalition and she started attending pro-life events while in the womb.

After leading a pro-life group in high school, Marie-Claire traveled to Beijing to volunteer with China Little Flower - an organization that cares for hospice, orphaned infants and disabled children. She then attended Our Lady Seat of Wisdom Academy from 2010-2013, where she headed the school’s pro-life group, and graduated with a B.A. in Music and a minor in Theology from Redeemer University in 2014.

For the next year while teaching music, she volunteered as a marketing director for Ottawa Against Abortion. Most of her summers have included taking part in Show the Truth and in the summer of 2015 she participated in Crossroad Pro-Life’s walk across America.

Marie-Claire believes that the pro-life movement is the most vital and prevalent human rights movement of our age and looks forward to fighting the culture of death on a full-time basis.