Andrew Scheer - record


Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Andrew Scheer with a "B-" score for the Conservative Party Leadership race.  



Stance on abortion

Perfect voting record in parliament. Sadly however, he has made problematic statements (see below) during the leadership race which have caused concern amongst many pro-lifers. 


Stance on euthanasia


Willing to re-open abortion debate?


Willing to enact government legislation to protect unborn children?


How he voted on radical bill to invent fake new rights to "gender identity" and "gender expression"


(Voted against the Liberal government's gender identity Bill C-16)

Has he pledged to repeal gender identity bill if becomes Prime Minister?


Marched in Gay Pride Parade?


Other notable factors

Scheer has a perfect voting record in the House of Commons, and we give him full credit for that voting record. However, he has stated publicly that, while he is personally pro-life, he would never "re-open the abortion debate". 

From CLC's perspective, this suggests to society that the unjust killing of 100,000 preborn children every year in Canada, should be of no concern to our elected lawmakers. It sends the message that these vulnerable human beings do not deserve the protection of the law. 

Scheer has stated that he would not interfere with or try to supress pro-life private members bills or motions. At one point he said that he would like to see Cassy & Molly's Law return to the House of Common's as a private members bill. That private members bill by pro-life MP Cathay Wagantall, sought to add additional punishment for an assault on a pregrnant woman which results in injury or death to the unborn child.

Scheer announced a campaign promise that if elected PM, his government would deny public funds to universities which do not sufficiently honour free speech.  This would be a worthwhile initiative given the growing suppression of the free speech rights of pro-life student clubs on university campuses across Canada.

Unfortunately, Scheer spoke in favour of an anti-traditional marriage resolution at last year's policy convention in Vancouver. You can read more about that at his CLC profile here.  

You can listen to Scheer respond to some of the criticism of his campaign stances, during this interview conducted with himself, Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux.


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