Virtual Pro-Life Club

Because many of us are stuck at home, we don't have the chance to hang out in person with fellow pro-lifers anymore. Perhaps you live in a rural area and even pre-pandemic, you didn't have this chance. Whatever the reason, we're bringing a Virtual Pro-Life Club to you! 

BYOS (Bring your own snacks) to a 45-minute online meeting, during which time we'll:

  • socialize
  • partake in a fun educational activity (like evaluating pro-choice/pro-life memes, playing pro-life trivia, watching videos of abortion debates, etc.)
  • catch up on recent news regarding life issues

Meetings will be biweekly, with a monthly webinar to which every CLC Youth is invited. 

If you are a pro-life Canadian youth between the ages of 13 and 29 and you'd like to join a club, fill out this form, so that we can group you with ~10 other individuals who are similar to you in age, interests, and availability. 

Also consider downloading WhatsApp as we'll be creating a WhatsApp group for club members to communicate in between each meeting. 

The killing of innocent human beings through abortion and euthanasia is the most grevious human rights injustice taking place in our country. We all lead busy lives but joining a Virtual Pro-Life Club will ensure you keep on top of what's going on, and keep broadening your knowledge on the topic so that you're equipped to spread the pro-life message online or in your school, workplace, church, and neighbourhood.