Brad Trost - Record


Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Brad Trost with an "A+" score for the Conservative Party Leadership race.  



Stance on abortion

Perfect voting record in parliament. Outspoken and unapologetic on pro-life & pro-family issues.

Stance on euthanasia


Willing to re-open abortion debate?


Enact government legislation to protect unborn children?


(Specific actions promised includes a Ban on Sex-Selective Abortions, an Unborn Victims of Violence Act, a federal program to make Canada the most adoption-friendly country in the world, and federal programs to reduce the targetting of Down's Syndrome babies for termination).

How he voted on radical bill to invent fake new rights to "gender identity" and "gender expression"


(Voted against the Liberal government's gender identity Bill C-16, and every previous incarnation of it by the NDP)

Has he pledged to repeal gender identity bill if becomes Prime Minister?


Marched in Gay Pride Parade?

No - and never will

Other notable factors

Trost has done an exemplary job of carrying the social conservative banner in this leadership race. He has defended and articulated the pro-life, pro-family and pro-parental rights position in a way we have not seen by a Conservative Party leadership candidate before.  

Trost has not shrunk from defending the traditional definition of marriage along with religious freedom rights for those who believe in it.  

He has also taken aim at the totalitarian actions of provincial governments like Ontario's, by promising a Parental Bill of Rights at the federal level which would protect parents who do not want their children indoctrinated with radical sex ed programs, or other liberal ideologies that undermine their parental rights.   

With attacks on freedom of Conscience increasingly targetting churches, medical professionals, business owner-operators, service fraternities and public servants, Trost announced that as Prime Minister, he would enact a much-needed Conscience Bill of Rights to protect traditionally-principled Canadians who are being discriminated against at an alarming rate. 

He has brought up life and family principles at every debate and in every interview.  So effective has Trost been in this campaign, that some of the pro-abortion leadership candidates are now stating publicly that they welcome the voice of social conservatives in the party.

CLC asks pro-life/pro-family voters to rank Brad Trost at the top of the ballot, along with Pierre Lemieux.


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