Brian Jean Record

Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Brian Jean as "Not Supportable" by pro-life Albertans during the United Conservative Party Leadership vote.  

  • Abandoned his former pro-life voting record on abortion, telling journalists that "Abortion…is a boat that has already sailed…I am not interested in pursuing these issues". He confirmed this evolution again by responding "No", when a Calgary Sun reporter asked him if he is a "social conservative", adding "It’s none of my business what people do behind closed doors in their personal life."
  • According to media reports, he planned to march in Calgary's 2017 gay pride parade. 
  • Until very recently, he agreed with the NDP government's policy of keeping parents in the dark if their son or daughter were to join a “Gay-straight alliance club”. GSAs are a type of gay pride activist club where students typically spend their time agitating for normalization of alternative sexual lifestyles, and demonizing teachers and other students who believe in traditional marriage.  However, after Kenney started speaking up in support of parental rights, Jean suddenly changed his tune and began to criticize some of the government's curriculum changes as "ideological".  Voters ought to be wary of such a convenient, last-minute conversion, seemingly brought on only after witnessing Kenney's support grow due to his pro-parental rights stance.
  • Jean made his dislike of pro-life/pro-family Albertans very clear to the media, referring to social conservatives as "nuts", "nutbars" and "crazies", telling the media he would at first "manage" them, and eventually, drive them "ruthlessly" out of the party. Jean, quoted in the Calgary Sun:

    “There are nuts in every party. Everybody has these people in their party who others would classify as nutbars.”
    “What do we do with them? Well, at first, we can try to manage them and then we get rid of them. That’s the truth of it."
    “Albertans need to be able to trust us. When they see our reaction it will be quick. It will be ruthless. It will make sure Albertans know they can continue to trust us and know we’re not some little gang of crazies."

Don't take any chances - if Jean become the next leader of the UCP, he'll have the power to kick social conservatives out of the party just like he promised the liberal media he would.  If you're a paid-up member of the United Conservative Party please help ensure that Kenney wins the leadership contest on October 28th, by going to your local voting location and marking Kenney as #1 on your ballot.

Note: In order to be an eligible voting member, you must have joined the UCP no later than 5:00pm MT on Friday September 29th.