Chemical abortion pills

Liberal and NDP governments across Canada have announced they will divert scarce health care dollars away from genuine medical treatment, to pay for the chemical abortion pill, free, on demand, just for the asking. This deadly pill will cost taxpayers around $400 for the 2-drug combination alone, and up to $600 or more for additional expenses including pre and post follow-ups, complications, and botched abortions which result in the "need" for a second, surgical abortion.

Forgotten in the rush to expand abortion ideology to younger and more women are the suffering patients of our dillapidated, cash-starved healthcare system who are finding out almost on a weekly basis, that another procedure, drug or medical supply will no longer be covered under their provincial health insurance plan. 

Below are excerpted letters-to-the-editor from real-life,Ontarians who have gone to the newspapers to complain about how they are being adversely affected by the Wynne government's ideologically-driven misuse of taxpayers dollars to fund chemical abortions. These citizens have written about how they've experienced first hand the effects of funding being taken away from medically necessary healthcare treatments in order to bankroll the chemical killing of preborn children in Ontario:

Letter: A bad day for Ontario and for Canada

August 3, 2017

Dear Campaign Life Coalition,

Thank you for your comments today on the CBC concerning the Ontario Government’s regrettable decision to provide women with free abortion pills. You said what many of us would like to say and be heard; thank you.

My wife has recently spent many weeks trying to get specialist attention and treatment for a serious and crippling disease which has brought months of pain and distress to her and her family. It angers and saddens us to know that the Ontario government has more money to improve our failing and inadequate healthcare system, but they would rather spend that money on more ways to kill babies in the womb. A bad day for Ontario and for Canada!

We have to continue to fight to be the conscience of the people in a sick human world.

Sincere best wishes,

signed Ontario taxpayer

Letter to the Editor, Peterborough Examiner:  Province wrong to fund free abortion pill

August 9, 2017

Regarding the article OHIP soon to cover cost of abortion pill (Aug. 4).

After reading this article, I had to cry. I fail to see why this pill should be free, but a person with chronic pain is having to deal with cutbacks in coverage.

My mother has had arthritis since she was 38. She is now 84. She has rarely known a pain-free day in those years. Many treatments were tried. Some helped, others not so much. She was put on a pain patch, 75milligrams, but now coverage is limited only up to 50 mg, which gives less relief. She is also on the marijuana pill, which isn't covered at all.

My mother has to pay for pain relief, but if you have an inconvenient pregnancy, it's "Have a free pill."

It's a disgusting system failure.