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Demand an Ethical Coronavirus Vaccine

Throughout this coronavirus pandemic, I’ve been very concerned over the response of our political leaders. When the lockdowns started and all but “essential” businesses were shuttered, I was appalled to hear that, in every single province and territory, abortuaries could continue with “business as usual”. Something was very wrong here.

How is it OK to carry out elective surgeries to kill healthy preborn babies, while other necessary, life-saving surgeries are denied to Canadians in need? In fact, over 50,000 critical surgeries have been denied over the last few months, resulting in dozens of needless deaths.

The pro-abort lobby has been treated like royalty at the expense of the genuine health care needs of average Canadians. It’s disgusting and it’s totally corrupt. That’s why we started a petition to call on our premiers to shut down all elective abortions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Unfortunately, the political corruption runs even deeper. Our so-called “honourable” politicians have also been working hard to sully the development of a potential coronavirus vaccine with their promotion of unethical, Frankenstein science.

Demand an Ethical Vaccine

In a recent LifeSite News article, it was revealed that Health Canada approved a potential vaccine for human testing that utilizes cells harvested from an aborted baby. Bypassing other ethical research options, the Canadian government is partnering with a Chinese company to fund and produce a COVID-19 vaccine made using a preborn child who was murdered by abortion.

This is not only grossly repugnant, it is completely unethical by all standards – including both biblical and secular norms.

It’s not like there are no ethical alternatives. Vaccines can be developed using “adult stem cells” taken from the bone marrow, liver, fat, or even skin cells of consenting adult donors. Umbilical cord blood is also a rich and totally ethical source of stem cells, since the baby is not harmed at all. In addition, insect and animal cells may be used as well.

Exploiting the cells harvested from a helpless unborn child slain by abortion is a grotesque idea that no civilized government should sanction.

In the years following World War II, the Nuremberg Code was developed in response to the “medical” atrocities committed by Nazi Germany. This Code, which sets the standard for medical experimentation, states: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” In other words, the human guinea pig must agree to be a guinea pig. This, of course, is impossible in research exploiting human fetal cells. The aborted child is given no choice.

The Nuremberg Code also states: “The experiment should be such as to yield fruitful results for the good of society, unprocurable by other methods or means of study, and not random and unnecessary in nature.” Given the fact that promising research is already taking place in laboratories that do not exploit human fetal cells, it is morally incumbent on our Canadian politicians to direct the focus and funds of the government to these more ethical efforts.


Here at Campaign Life Coalition, we have been working behind the scenes to engage our political leaders on this critical issue. To date, we have written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, all 13 Provincial and Territorial Premiers, plus all 338 Members of Parliament.

Now we are looking to YOU to help us in our efforts to secure an ethical vaccine by signing our latest petition to our federal Health Minister, Ms. Patty Hajdu.

Many politicians and public health officials have suggested that the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine will be made mandatory for all men, women, and children, regardless of conscientious or religious objections. This affront to our basic human rights will only be compounded in the absence of an ethical vaccine. Being forced to receive an injection developed with aborted fetal tissue is a horrifying thought to millions of Canadians.

In the United States, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops released a letter in April calling on the US Food and Drug Administration to reject all unethical COVID-19 vaccines. In that letter, we read:

“Among the dozens of vaccines currently in development, some are being produced using old cell lines that were created from the cells of aborted babies... There is no need to use ethically problematic cell lines to produce a COVID vaccine, or any vaccine, as other cell lines or processes that do not involve cells from abortions are available and are regularly being used... It is critically important that Americans have access to a vaccine that is produced ethically: no American should be forced to choose between being vaccinated against this potentially deadly virus and violating his or her conscience.”

Last week, a number of Canadian religious leaders and medical experts wrote a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and Health Minister Hajdu. In that letter, they state: “a vaccine produced using abortion-derived cell lines raises conscience concerns for anyone who might be offered that vaccine and is aware of its lineage... Our ethical objections relate to the use of this abortion-derived lineage, both the destruction and the exploitation of unique human lives.”  

We need to reiterate these same concerns to Health Minister Hajdu. No Canadian should have to choose between being vaccinated against a deadly virus and violating his or her conscience. Please consider signing our petition to Ms. Hajdu to help us get that message across to the powers that be in our nation.

Yours for Life,

David Cooke

David Cooke
National Campaign Manager
Campaign Life Coalition

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