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Abortion activist: Canadian employers must support assisted suicide…or be punished by government

January 17, 2024 (Campaign Life Coalition) – A Canadian pro-abortion organization that took credit for successfully lobbying the Trudeau-Liberal government to bar pro-life organizations from receiving summer job grants is now campaigning to have any employer disqualified for the grant unless they support the killing of the sick, elderly, and mentally ill via the government’s assisted suicide program, also known as MAiD (Medical Assistance in Dying).

If Joyce Arthur, executive director of the Vancouver-based Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC), is as successful as she was in 2017, then business owners will soon have to sign an “attestation” that they agree that assisted suicide is a "right" if they are to receive a summer jobs grant.

Arthur, who now champions both the killing of the youngest and oldest members of the human family by abortion and MAiD respectively, has written a submission to the House of Commons human resources committee about her idea.

“Rights include not just reproductive rights but also LGBTQ rights, racial equality, the right to medical assistance in dying and any other fundamental rights protected under our Charter and human rights codes,” she wrote as reported by Blacklock’s Reporter on January 16. “When groups have a main focus on opposing human rights, funding them would contradict and even harm the government’s obligation to ensure equality. Regardless of the Canada Summer job, even if it is to mow the lawn, that work gives sustenance to the group’s harmful mandate and activities,” she added.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s summer job attestation, first announced seven years ago, was decried by various faith leaders, including Christian, Muslim, and Jewish, as a “religious or ideological test or conditions to receiving government benefits or protection.” Numerous non-political organizations lost the summer job grant to hirer student workers for refusing to tick the attestation box on the application. These included Bible camps, museums, farms, and faith-based organizations such as Catholic dioceses. After the outcry, the Trudeau government went on to modify the eligibility criteria, but in a way that remained unsatisfactory to those raising concerns.

Arthur is wrong in claiming that reproductive rights, i.e. abortion and MAiD are “fundamental rights.” There exists no court-defined or Charter right to abortion in Canada. In fact, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that “Everyone has the right to life.” It is unadulterated discrimination to exclude any member of the human species from “everyone,” something that Arthur does routinely to the preborn. And, there exists no right to abortion in international law.  The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child states that “States Parties shall ensure to the maximum extent possible the survival and development of the child,” making it clear that “the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care, including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth.” There also exists no Charter right to assisted suicide. The Charter exists to protect people, not to assist in their demise.

Why is it that people like Arthur are not satisfied until everyone bends the knee to their gruesome and bloodthirsty religion where the “right” to choose to kill and be killed is its most important value? It is not enough for these pro-abortion organizations to champion removing every hindrance from a pregnant mother seeking to kill her offspring. No, over 100,000 babies killed by abortions a year in Canada is not enough for the bloodthirsty gods of this religion of death. It appears that these organizations must also champion killing on the other end of the spectrum–the elderly, the sick, and come March, the mentally ill.

It may be that Arthur cannot rest until she has converted—by force, if necessary—every Canadian business owner into this new religion of death. Anyone who resists by not ticking the attestation box when applying for government help will be punished. They will be discriminated against and made to suffer by being denied Federal programs that are supposed to be there to help them. Business owners will feel the wrathful strong arm of the government if they dare to hold positions contrary to those held by Arthur’s pro-death religion.

Arthur is desperate to force business owners to publicly support her dreadful vision of Canada as a ghoulish regime of death. But Canada’s Charter also has a guaranteed right that Arthur and company are happy to overlook, namely that every Canadian has the “fundamental” right to “freedom of conscience and religion.” This applies to business owners as well. This means that Arthur and the Federal government which is sadly under her influence must stop insisting that Canadians accept their murderous religion of death by signing an attestation or face punishment.

Shame on Arthur for trying to force Canadian business owners to support killing the young and the old. And, shame on the Liberal government for believing that a woman who runs an organization that promotes the killing of babies is someone who should be listened to and taken seriously. The truth is, ARCC’s views and the views of like-minded abortion groups (many of whom are funded by various government grants i.e. your tax dollars), are extremely anti-human. It’s time for Canadians to say enough and demand that the government send such organizations packing.

Please contact your MP and tell them that the government should drop religious or ideological tests that aim at separating Canadians into two groups: those who receive government help, and those who don’t because they’ve failed the test.