Press conference against abortion bubble zones

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Press conference against "No Free Speech Zones" abortion bill

Upcoming Elections

  • Sturgeon River-Parkland byelection

    The byelection to replace pro-abort Conservative MP Rona Ambrose takes place on Oct. 23rd. This is a great opportunity to replace a socially liberal MP with one who is pro-life. If you’re a pro-lifer who lives in or near the riding, click here, to learn how.

  • Lac-Saint-Jean byelection

    UPDATE: The byelection to replace Conservative MP Denis Lebal takes place on Oct. 23rd. If you know where the candidates stand on pro-life/family issues, please e-mail us here.

  • Ontario Provincial Election

    After 15 years of disastrous Liberal rule - especially morally - Ontarians will have a chance to elect a new government on June 7, 2018. But would the liberal-lite Patrick Brown PCs govern any differently? CLC has a plan, and we need your help to take back Queen's Park.

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