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Canadian bureaucrats at the United Nations take cues from Kathleen Wynne to force controversial sex-ed on other nations

Canadian bureaucrats at the United Nations are deceiving the rest of the world about comprehensive sexuality education and it’s time Canadians back home knew about it.

During negotiations at the 62nd Commission on the Status of Women, Canada is championing controversial issues such as comprehensive sexuality education (CSE is a program that seeks to change sexual and gender norms in children as early as possible). Of course, if you’ve been following Canada’s foreign policy under Justin Trudeau, this comes as no surprise. What is surprising however is the fact that on the issue of CSE, our Canadian bureaucrats are so desperate to enforce their vision of sexual education around the world, that they are deceiving other nations to accept it.

During this week’s negotiations, when several countries have raised concerns about CSE stating that it is too explicit, age inappropriate and undermines parental rights, the Canadian bureaucrats, with their backs against the wall, have resorted to telling lies about what CSE is all about.

In their response to silence critics (and there are many), the Canadian negotiator stated, and I’m paraphrasing, “that of course CSE should be age appropriate. We are not saying it should be for young children. We would never say it is good for very young children to learn about adult things, of course that is not what we are saying and that is not what CSE is about.”

One must only look to a Canadian example, the CSE inspired Ontario Curriculum Grade 1-8: Health & Physical Education which was enforced by the current Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and was originally overseen by Wynne’s former deputy education minister and more recently a convicted child pornographer (were not making this up), to realize that CSE in practice, is exactly what Canada here at the UN claims it isn’t.

Ontario’s CSE includes asking children to “identify body parts, including genitalia (e.g., penis, testicles, vagina, vulva)” in Grade 1 (age 6). In grade 3 (age 8), instruction in “gender fluidity” begins when children are taught that gender identity and sexual orientation “make each person unique”, and children are taught that “We all come from different families… some have two mothers or two fathers”. By the time they are in grade 5 (age 10), Students are told that gender identity and sexual orientation, like one’s skin colour and biological sex, are not under one’s control. In Grade 6 (age 11), Children are encouraged to masturbate: “Exploring one’s body by touching or masturbating is something that many people do and find pleasurable”. By grade 7 (age 12), Anal and oral sex are discussed, and students are told that “sexual health” includes “understanding what gives you pleasure” and in grade 8 (age 13), students are encouraged to make a ‘personal plan’ for their sexual activity. And throughout the whole sex-ed curriculum there is no mention of “love” or “marriage”. (See complete analysis here)

During the negotiations, in response to criticism that CSE undermines parents, our Canadian representative had the audacity to actually say that “not involving parents, that’s not what CSE is about”.

Perhaps they have been living in NY for so long that they just don’t know what happens back home, but excluding parents is exactly what CSE in Canada is all about. In the Ontario model, in a section listing strategies to manage stress during puberty for students in grade 5, “talking to a trusted peer or adult” is listed but no reference is made to parents. In grade 8, students are asked to “identify sources of support regarding sexual health” and parents are listed near the bottom of a proposed list of sources, after health professionals and teachers.

Additionally, if CSE is about parental rights, as our Canadian representatives claim, than why did the Ontario program face a massive backlash including countless protests and demonstrations, including petitions signed by more than 160,000 parents, and to this day, continues to be opposed by parental organizations throughout the province, and made headlines again when the opposition to it was a deciding factor in the recent leadership race for the PC party of Ontario.

Why is the Canadian Mission to the United Nations pushing a divisive agenda at CSW when back home in Canada, that same agenda continues to cause controversy among Canadians. At a UN side event on ideological colonization this week, a Kenyan lawyer said it best when she told the hundreds of delegates and NGO representatives in the audience that “Sexual education should be developed by African parents and African teachers, and not constructed in some board room in a western nation”.

If the Canadian bureaucrats and politicians refuse to listen to Canadian parents, our hope is that they will listen to an African woman. Enough of the board room discussions. Enough of the lies and deception. It’s time for parents to decide in Ontario, and around the world.

Current members of the commission, take note.



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