Community Partners

Exposé on the Community Partners who will deliver sex-ed in schools

Premier Kathleen Wynne's often dismisses parental concerns about her sex curriculum being too explicit and age-inappropriate by pointing to unnamed "sex-education experts" with whom she says, the Ontario Liberal government consulted to write the controversial program. Many parents with low-level knowledge of the issue are soothed by Wynne's assurance that it was "experts" and "professionals" who both developed the curriculum and who will even be helping to deliver it to the classroom. In fact, the government curriculum document strongly encourages schools and teachers to partner with "community partners" who are "experts", by either bringing them into the classroom to teach sex-ed, or otherwise, utilizing their resources and teaching aids.

So, who are these community partners that will be coming into our elementary school classrooms to share their perspectives on sex and sexuality with kids as young as six? Once you learn who they are, you'll understand why Kathleen Wynne and Education Minister Liz Sandals always leaves these experts unnamed. This page helps parents understand who the community partners are, what they believe, and what they'll teach young children.

Part 1)  Video exposing the “experts” and “community partners”


Part 2) Case Study:  Community partner at Regiopolis Catholic Secondary School in Kingston, ON

Julie Lalonde, the founder of, was brought into a Catholic high school as an "expert" to teach Catholic children about sexual violence and sexual consent. 

On October 19, 2015, pro-abortion activist Julie Lalonde was brought into a Kingston Diocece Catholic secondary school (Regiopolis-Notre Dame Catholic High School) to give a presentation as a sex-ed “expert”.

During the presentation,
she told grade 10 students that it’s ok for a girl to send naked photos of herself to her boyfriend... so long as the girl “consents” to it.

During the same session, Lalonde promoted the idea that making sex tapes doesn’t necessarily spell
the end of one’s future career, and might actually help, as in the case of celebrities.

Lalonde sits on the board of the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada, the country’s leading pro-abortion lobby.

Pictured left is Lalonde on Parliament Hill in 2012, protesting a pro-life Motion by Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth. She dressed in mockery of Catholic nuns.