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Side-by-Side Survey Responses in the Riding of Ottawa Catholic School Board [2018 Ontario Election]
Number to elect: 1

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Michael Olsen
Sandra Moore
Kevin Sawyer
Pro-life, pro-familyEducableUnknown
Rating by CLC:
1. Are there any circumstances under which you believe a woman should have access to abortion*? (*Note: a surgical or medical intervention designed to prevent the death of the mother but which results in the unintended and undesired death of the pre-born child, is not an abortion) NoNosurvey not sent
2. Will you personally uphold and work toward the public promotion of total fidelity to the faith and moral teachings of the Catholic Church? (Current examples include the illicitness of abortion, contraception and homosexual practice) YesYessurvey not sent
3. Will you actively promote and defend the teaching of Catholic doctrine, the importance of prayer and a regular sacramental life? YesYessurvey not sent
4. Will you work against any attempt to expand the sex-ed program in the Catholic Schools which is contrary to Church teaching, such as the one which included oral sex, masturbation and homosexuality, recently offered by the Ministry? YesDid not respondsurvey not sent
5. Will you work to ensure that Catholic schools do not invite guest speakers who have publicly expressed positions that contradict the morality and teaching of the Church, no matter how great their achievements in politics, business, sports, science or the arts? YesYessurvey not sent
6. Will you work to ensure that educational materials that enter the premises of Catholic schools (e.g., library resources, curriculum texts, awareness campaigns, flyers) and all approved school activities are consistent with and do not undermine the morality and teachings of the Church? YesYessurvey not sent
7. Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is an infection that is transmitted through sex. Will you therefore oppose HPV vaccination in schools because it sends the message to students, teachers and parents that obedience to Church teaching on abstinence before marriage is neither expected nor necessary? YesNosurvey not sent
8. Will you work to ensure that your Catholic school board enacts a policy requiring all agents and employees of the board to uphold the rights of custodial parents to direct and control the education of, and any medical treatment provided to, their dependent children attending its schools? YesYessurvey not sent
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