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Side-by-Side Survey Responses in the Riding of Thames Valley District School Board [2018 Ontario Election]
Number to elect: 2

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incumbent incumbent
Adam Khimji
Eric Southern
Peter Cuddy
Corrine Rahman
Pro-parental rightsEducableposition unknownposition unknown
Rating by CLC:
1. Do you agree that parents, not the state, have the inherent right of primacy in education of children? YesI think that both have an important role in educating our children and that the child is the primary in education. We need to be certain that everything involved in the education of our children is evidence based and works towards the most beneficial outcomes for everyone responsesurvey not yet sent
2. Will you defend the inherent right of parents to be notified in advance regarding any lesson, speaker or presentation involving controversial issues such as abortion, contraception and homosexuality? YesYes. I think parents should be involved and informed of every aspect of their child's education. All aspects of an education need to be shared with parents so that they can be informed participants in improving the outcomes for their responsesurvey not yet sent
3. Do you agree that parents should have the right to withdraw their children from classroom lessons or presentations involving controversial issues such as abortion, contraception and homosexuality? YesYes, but I think that parents should strive to educate their children to knowledge instead of ignorance and do not approve of children being removed from controversial topics as it ill equips those children to deal with those issues in the future. I feel that any controversial topic needs to be framed in a way that primarily teaches the child the facts and evidence of an issue as well as addressing any social, religious and ideological positions. Abortion for example should not be excluded from sexual education, it should be taught while mentioning that many people in society have issues with the act and consider it to be horrendous while mentioning alternatives that do not have the social issues that abortion responsesurvey not yet sent
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