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Side-by-Side Survey Responses in the Riding of York Region District School Board [2018 Ontario Election]
Number to elect: 1

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Deven Sandhu
Nadeem Mahmood
Pro-parental rights; Unknown on abortionSupportable
Rating by CLC:
1. Do you agree that parents, not the state, have the inherent right of primacy in education of children? YesYes: "primacy should be in hand of those parents who have a belief that they should be the primary source of their child(s) education. I do believe that it takes many to raise a child and with public school system, and parents involvement, the child will have the benefit of all parties who have vested interest in the child's well-being.
2. Will you defend the inherent right of parents to be notified in advance regarding any lesson, speaker or presentation involving controversial issues such as abortion, contraception and homosexuality? YesYes: "We have to recognize that in a public school setting, not all lessns fall in line with various backgrounds and philosophies at home. It is good practice to send this information home and have the parents/guardians have the final say. Information should be open and transparent for the entire community. The school should respect the wishes of parents."
3. Do you agree that parents should have the right to withdraw their children from classroom lessons or presentations involving controversial issues such as abortion, contraception and homosexuality? YesYes
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