Doug Schweitzer Record


Below are the key criteria considered by CLC in rating Doug Schweitzer as "Not Supportable" by pro-life Albertans during the United Conservative Party Leadership vote.  

  • Made his distate for the social conservative wing of the party well known during media interviews, bringing it to the forefront of his campaign.
  • Suggested that the UCP might lose the next election if it didn't support LGBTQ and abortion "rights". 
  • Publicly stated the he respects "a woman's right to choose" to have an abortionist kill the baby in her womb. 
  • Marched in gay pride parades.
  • Took a public stance against parental rights, suggesting that he supports the NDP push for schools to keep it secret from parents if their child joins a controversial, "gay-straight alliance club".

Don't take any chances with letting Schweitzer become the next leader of the UCP. If you're a paid-up member of the United Conservative Party please help ensure that Jason Kenney wins the leadership contest on October 28th by going to your local voting location and marking Kenney as #1 on your ballot.. 

Note: In order to be an eligible voting member, you must have joined the UCP no later than 5:00pm MT on Friday September 29th.