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Sign the Petition in Support of Cardinal Marc Ouellet

Background: On Saturday May 15, Cardinal Marc Ouellet, the archbishop of Quebec City and primate of Canada, reaffirmed Christian teaching on the immorality of abortion in all circumstances in response to questions from reporters. Ouellet told the reporters that even in the case of rape abortion is morally unacceptable, and that "the child is not responsible for how he was conceived, it is the aggressor who is responsible. We can see him (the child) as another victim." For these statements the cardinal has been pilloried in the mainstream press, and by certain anti-life politicians.  Read more about it here:

Text of the Petition

We the undersigned offer our support to Cardinal Marc Ouellet at this time, and express our heartfelt gratitude for his courage to speak the truth about abortion in the public sphere, no matter what the personal cost.

We affirm, together with the cardinal, that abortion is always a "moral crime," and that even in the hard circumstance of rape abortion is neither an acceptable nor the truly compassionate solution. Not only does abortion further harm women who are victims of sexual assault, but it also adds a second victim - the innocent unborn child.


PETITION IS NOW CLOSED AS OF JUNE 25TH (petitions will be delievered to the Cardinal by Campaign Life)