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The Moral Maze - October episodes # 10 to 14

It's been a while since we posted The Moral Maze episodes where Campaign Life Coalition's Alissa Golob and Jack Fonseca alternate weekly appearances to discuss the moral dilemmas of the day.  Below are the October 2012 episodes for your viewing pleasure!

Episode 10 - October 1
Rapist awarded parental rights; Lady Gaga slams Pope, Canadian Supreme Court signals intent to legislate from the bench on prostitution.


Episode 11 - October 8
Topics: '
Cuddle Cafes' in Japan; catholic Justin Trudeau scandal;  'morning after' pills doled out in New York schools.


Episode 12 - October 16
Ontario Education Minister bans Catholic schools from teaching abortion is wrong.



Episode 13 - October 22
Pro-life activists honoured with medal; fertility specialist accused of inseminating women with wrong sperm; is Romney betraying his pro-life voting base? 



Episode 1 - October 29
Ontario NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo's threat to sue the Family Coalition Party after it delivered postcards in her riding critical of a reckless bill she sponsored; the federal government's announcement that it defend Canada's law against euthanasia; a man who received an apology from his school after 42 years


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