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Sign the petition to keep Sun News Network on the air

Over the past year, you’ve noticed us praising the Sun News TV network (SNN) for the positive coverage of life issues by its anchors. Most notably, Brian Lilley and Michael Coren speak frequently and unabashedly about their own pro-life convictions.

Other hosts like Ezra Levant and Charles Adler have also spoken out many times on tangential issues that matter to pro-lifers. For example, various attempts by universities to censor pro-life displays on campus, banning pro-life student clubs, or the mistreatment of prisoner of conscience Linda Gibbons who witnesses peacefully outside abortion mills.

You’ll also remember the weekly platform that Michael Coren has given to CLC spokespersons on his “Arena” show, which airs on early prime (7-8pm EST).

The emergence of SNN in Canada’s pro-abortion-dominated, mainstream, media scene a little over a year ago has been an answer to prayer. We cannot overstate what a blessing it has been to the pro-life movement to have a TV network that actually gives a voice to pro-life, pro-family Canadians!

The extensive coverage of the March For Life by SNN for the past 2 years has been stunning.

Sun News Network now faces being shut down and needs your help to obtain a full license from the CRTC that would ensure its profitability. When its owner, Quebecor, prepared to launch the network, the CRTC refused its request for a “must carry” license, the same as was granted to CBC, CTV and Global. This was obviously the result of bias against the “small-c” conservative views that SNN promised to bring.

The effect of withholding a full-license from SNN has been that it’s only available in 4 out of 10 homes, is hard to find on the TV dial and as a result, Quebecor is losing $17 million per year on the network.
SNN has reapplied to the CRTC Commissioner for the full, “must carry” license and a decision is expected within the next 30 days.

If granted, SNNs reach into Canadian homes will instantly increase to 100% and profitability will be ensured. We need your help right now to keep Sun News Network on the air. 

Action Items:

1. Sign your name to an online petition to the CRTC Commissioner requesting that it grant SNN a must-carry license. Sign the petition at
2. Snail mail the CRTC before Feb 20th:
Canadian Radio-television & Telecommunications Commission
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K1A 0N2

Begin your letter stating either: (a) 'I do not request to appear at the public hearing'; or (b) 'I request to appear at the public hearing'.  Include reference #2012-0687-1 in your letter.

3. Encourage your friends to do the same


Jim Hughes

National President
Campaign Life Coalition