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Status update on "Bathroom Bill" C-279

Final vote on "Bathroom Bill" C-279 set for Wednesday March 20

This flawed bill must be defeated in the House of Commons.  If it passes there, it's likely to also pass in the Senate.

Then Canada's laws will actually affirm and promote the dangerous philosophy that a biological male can actually be a woman, if he simply feels that way in his mind. The law will send the message to all of society that one's physical anatomy is irrelevant to whether you are a boy or a girl, with all the accompanying adverse effects on society.

Please keep lobbying your MP to stop the transgender "Bathroom Bill"


Please contact your federal Member of Parliament right now, and urge them to vote AGAINST bill C-279, the transgender ‘Bathroom Bill'.

You can find your MP’s contact info using your postal code here. See how your member of parliament voted during the bill’s second reading here.

Please tell your MP that you will take how they vote into consideration when it comes to the next election.
For your benefit, we explain below how young girls and women will be put at risk if parliament passes Bill C-279 into law on February 27.


Privacy and security rights of women will be lost

Here's a shocking example from Washington state, where a "gender identity" law similar to C-279 exists.  A 45-year old man allegedly exposed himself in a girl's swimming pool locker room, to girls as young as 6, but was shielded by the law. He actually portrayed himself as the "victim". 

This sexually confused man was permitted by the school running the swimming pool, to continue infringing on the privacy and security rights of young girls. That the girls, as young as 6, felt uncomfortable and unsafe did not matter.


Bathroom attacks on women likely to rise if C-279 passes

The transgender Bill C-279 will create a fake new right to “gender expression” and “gender identity”. These undefined terms will grant biological males the legal right to enter female washrooms, if they simply “feel” they are a woman "trapped" in a man’s body.

This amendment to the Human Rights Code would put young girls and women at risk from sexual predators who may pretend to be transgendered in order to get in close quarters with potential victims.

We’re not saying that transgendered people are sexual predators, but rather, that heterosexual predators will pretend to be transgendered in order to access women’s facilities without arousing suspicion.

Peeping toms will also use this loophole to enter girls’ washrooms, knowing that if anybody suspects them of having peeped girls, they can pretend to be transgendered as an alibi, thus escaping prosecution.


NDP sponsors deny that bathroom attacks on women take place

When pro-family MPs confronted the Bill’s NDP sponsors about these concerns, they dismissed the threat to the privacy rights and security of women, and claimed that Bathroom attacks do not happen in Canada. Really? Below are a few news articles to prove that these and other privacy violations against women are already a growing problem. This problem will only worsen if C-279 becomes law.

1. City News Toronto, ‘
Woman sexually assaulted in pizza store bathroom’, Nov. 20, 2012
2. Ottawa Sun, ‘
Girl assaulted in high school bathroom’, Mar. 31, 2010
3. The Province, ‘
Peeping Tom spotted lurking in BCIT women’s washroom’, Sep. 29, 2012


If Bill C-279 passes, there will be many other adverse side effects - both to society and to individuals. To study those negative consequences,  click here.