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Stop McGuinty's child indoctrination strategy

Exposing Dalton McGuinty’s Child Indoctrination Agenda:
The Equity & Inclusive Education Strategy

In April 2010, Dalton McGuinty was forced to withdraw a radicalized, explicit, Sex Ed curriculum for Ontario elementary schools (K-8) which taught young children about homosexuality, masturbation, vaginal lubrication and anal sex. But parents are not out of the woods yet! Premier McGuinty is still going ahead with the broader, but little known, "Equity & Inclusive Education Strategy" (henceforth, EIE Strategy), of which the K-8 Sex Ed curriculum was just one component.

This is a wreckless, harmful and more insidious policy that will be weaved throughout K- Gr. 12 curriculum and throughout the school environment (events, student clubs, external presentations, etc.). The EIE Strategy threatens the inherent right of parents to direct the moral values of their own children, by supplanting your values with the government’s own sexual revolution ideology. It is a program of child indoctrination that may imperil your Charter right to freedom of religion and conscience by teaching your kids ideas which violate your moral and/or religious beliefs. This "Strategy" will certainly be offensive to many Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and even people of no recognized faith, but who adhere to traditional beliefs regarding the practice of homosexuality.

To learn more about the details and specific dangers of the EIE Strategy, click here to read our in-depth analysis of McGuinty's harmful policy of pro-homosexual activism and indoctrination . Our analysis supplies you with the government's policy, in their own words, using the actual documents. Then, we hope you will take the actions below, to shut down McGuinty's radical EIE Strategy. This truly is a battle for the hearts, minds and souls of your children.   Please act - there's little time to resist this radical agenda to reprogram the moral values you teach your children at home.




Please email your school board trustees through the links provided below. Then, for greater impact, phone your trustee(s) and arrange a face-to-face meeting. When the parent or ratepayer is looking a trustee in the eye, it creates a greater moral obligation on them to actually listen to, and try to understand, your concerns. For greatest impact, take 1 or 2 people with you -- now you'll definitely have the trustees' undivided attention! Ask the trustee to make amendments to this policy that respect your inherent rights as parents, as well as your religious or ethical views on the question of homosexuality.                        

Clicking either image above will bring up a list of phone #'s and email addresses where you may search for your school trustees. 


Click here and you'll be taken to our MPP SEARCH page, where you may find your MPP by name, by riding, or by entering your postal code. Then send him/her a brief email outlining your opposition to the McGuinty/Wynne Strategy. Ask that as your representative, they help you retract this flawed policy. It may be most effective to ask opposition MPPs to promise to retract the EIE strategy if elected.

Action #3. Join Your School's Parent's Council

Most schools have a Parent's Council that has some input over school policies. They can also have significant influence on teachers and principals. You need to join the parents council for your child's school and work from the inside to blunt the assault on your child's morality that McGuinty is pushing through the EIES. You can also help educate other members of the Parents Council about the culture war that is raging.


We provide a tool that helps you write to the Editor of all or one of your local newspapers and even to national newspapers, with the click of a mouse. You don't have to dig up their emails. We have them pre-loaded into our program.