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Parent Alert: Meeting on radical sex ed curriculum

Published: December 10, 2013       By: CLC staff


Dear Parents and grandparents,

Do you remember Dalton McGuinty’s explicit 2010 sex ed curriculum, which he had to shelf in the face of parental outrage?

Well, Premier Kathleen Wynne has promised to bring it back.

And now, an influential lobby group, the Ontario Physical & Health Education Association (OPHEA) is trying to create public acceptance for the curriculum by running slick ads and public meetings to white wash the sex ed program.

A public meeting will be held Tuesday Dec 10th at 7pm, at David Lewis Public School, 130 Fundy Bay Blvd (near Warden Ave. & McNicoll Ave.), Toronto.

The 2010 sex ed curriculum was controversial because it planned to teach explicit sexual concepts to very young children. For example, it would teach:
• 6 year olds about sexual body parts including "penis", "testicles", "vagina", "vulva" , etc.

• 8 year olds the disputed theory of "gender identity ", i.e. the notion that whether you're a boy or a girl doesnot necessarily relate to your physical anatomy.

• 8 year olds that homosexual family structures are normal, natural and healthy, without regard for the religious beliefs of parents

• 12 year olds that masturbation is a "pleasurable" activity that is “is common and is not harmful and is one way of learning about your body”.

• Grade 7 students about “anal intercourse”

Dalton McGuinty shelved this curriculum after only 3 days of complaints by parents and sassy questions from journalists about “masturbation”.

The curriculum was written under the direction of then Education Minister, Kathleen Wynne, a leading gay-activist who is now Premier of Ontario.

The Deputy Education Minister at the time was a certain Benjamin Levin. 

Mr. Levin is now facing criminal charges for making and distributing child pornography.

The accused child pornographer was also a senior member of Kathleen Wynne’s transition team after winning the Liberal Leadership. Levin’s involvement in the development of this proposed sex ed curriculum should raise a red flag to parents.


OPHEA, an influential group of so-called 'education experts' has taken the lead in demanding that this radical sex ed curriculum be implemented by September 2014.
They have kicked off an aggressive campaign to lower public apprehension about the curriculum, something which would allow Premier Wynne’s Liberal government to introduce it without risk of electoral backlash. In this respect, OPHEA serves as a stalking horse for Kathleen Wynne’s sex ed agenda.

OPHEA will hold a public meeting in Toronto on Tuesday Dec 10th to sell this curriculum to parents and to give the appearance of soliciting feedback.

It will be well-attended by the media and certainly stacked with supporters of the curriculum to give the appearance that the public wants it. The media will then dutifully report that average Ontario parents want this curriculum.

Please throw a wrench into their carefully crafted media strategy by attending the public meeting. Voice your opposition as a parent, student or grandparent. Make it known that you do not want the government to further sexualize our children.


When: Tues, December 10, 7:00PM - 9:00p.m.
Where: David Lewis Public School, 130 Fundy Bay Blvd (near Warden Ave. & McNicoll Ave.), Toronto, Ontario
Hosted by Sam Sotiropoulos, Trustee, Ward 20, Scarborough-Agincourt


OPHEA has produced an online video and print ads that try to diffuse parental opposition to the curriculum by claiming that all criticisms are pure “Fiction” and then, presenting an alleged “Fact” to counter the parental concern.

Below are three Fiction vs. Fact statements published by OPHEA:


Fiction: Sex ed teaches kids how to have sex. Fact: Sexual health education is about equipping students with the information and skills needed for healthy relationships, positive sexual health and to avoid negative outcomes.















OPHEA is conducting a sleight of hand with point #1. While parents are indeed concerned about inappropriate sexual instruction in the classroom, the concern would be more accurately described as the possibility that explicit sex ed, being pushed down to such early grades, will get children thinking about sexual activity at too early an age. Parents are concerned about triggering sexual confusion and early experimentation. Many also feel that the 2010 sex ed curriculum normalizes and even encourages controversial sexual practices (e.g. masturbation, anal intercourse, oral sex).

However, let’s play along with OPHEA and pretend the concern is merely that sex ed teaches kids how to have sex. Should parents trust OPHEA’s reassurance? A careful study of OPHEA’s own website is instructive on this question, revealing links to educational resources which can indeed be described as teaching how to have sex. It contains a page which lists its educational Partners.

One of those partners is a group called Sexpressions, which is a provider of ‘sex educational materials’. The teacher classroom resources offered by Sexpressions include the “Guide to Getting It On Book”, which you can arrive at in just 2 clicks from OPHEA’s website. How about the wooden Condom Demonstrator that OPHEA’s education partner sells for just $24? We suppose OPHEA wouldn’t consider “Hand Made Love: A Guide For Teaching About Male Masturbation” an example of teaching how to have sex either.

This OPHEA partner should give parents pause about trusting OPHEA’s claim.


OPHEA’s video also boasts that more than 50 organizations have supported its advocacy for the 2010 sex ed curriculum. Examining the list of those organizations on OPHEAS’s website may be helpful in understanding the ideological push for explicit sex ed. One of the supportive organizations is called Queer Ontario, a group whose Mission & Vision Statement includes the “celebration” of “sex acts, such as bondage”, sadism, masochism, and polyamorous sex (ie. group sex).
From Queer Ontario’s website:
“Celebration of sexual and gender diversities, including but not limited to sexual preferences, identities, orientations, as well as consensual relationships and/or sex acts, such as bondage/discipline, dominance/submission, sadism/masochism, and open and/or polyamorous (many-to-many) relationships or sex.”
Another organization on OPHEA’s proud list of groups who are demanding the return of the 2010 sex ed curriculum is Planned Parenthood Toronto (PPT).

On its Resources page, PPT offers explicit sex instructional tools such Anal Play 101. Many of the things in that Fact Sheet cannot be repeated here. This Fact Sheet states that “Anal play is healthy and normal”. Another PPT resource is called “Making Sex Feel Good” which seems to encourage the viewing of pornography: “Looking at sexy magazines or movies and using fantasy is another way to explore what you like and don’t like sexually.

When groups who advocate for the normalization of sadism, group sex, anal play and pornography are demanding the return of the 2010 Sex Ed curriculum, parents cannot be blamed for suspecting that an agenda to sexualize the classroom may be involved. Combine that with the possible involvement of an alleged child pornographer in its development, and it’s understandable why moms and dads want no part of this curriculum.

Fiction: Sex ed results in kids having sex earlier. Fact: Sexual health education does not increase the frequency of sexual behaviour or the number of sexual partners, and may result in delayed sexual activity. 


On its face, this is a bogus claim. We just need to look at the last few decades to witness that as sex education increased in schools, there has been a commensurate increase in the rates of premarital sex, teenage pregnancy, STD’s and teen abortions. Sex ed is a massive failure that worsened the problems it claimed to solve. 

Fiction: Parents don’t want the revised health and phys-ed curriculum or even sex ed in schools. Fact: Almost all Ontario parents (93 per cent) are calling for an updated sexual health component. Education is most effective when parents/guardians, schools and community share responsibility in supporting students’ learning.


The claim that 93% of parents want the return of the same sex ed curriculum for which they blasted Dalton McGuinty in 2010 is fraudulent To arrive at this figure, OPHEA cannot possibly have conducted an impartial, scientific survey with a truly representative population sample. It’s easy to get the survey results one desires if you only question the people who already agree with you.

Ontario parents do not want 6-year olds learning about “penis”, “vagina” and “vulva”, nor the questions that will inevitably follow, such as “Teacher, what is a penis for?”

Ontario parents do not want their 8 year old sons to learn that just because he has a male anatomy does not mean he can’t really be a girl in his mind.

It does not seem realistic that 93% of Ontario parents want teachers to encourage masturbation to their 12-year olds, nor to introduce them to the subject of “anal intercourse”. 


Another tactic by OPHEA to try lowering the guard of parents, is make it sound like Ontario students are suffering from a woefully out of date Physical and Health Education curriculum by stating that the current version is 15 years old. This is not true. In fact, 87% of the current Health & Physical Education curriculum is dated 2010. The only portion that was not updated in 2010 was the Sex Ed portion that McGuinty had to withdraw.

Please attend the meeting Tuesday December 10th so the voice of real parents can be heard. Prevent the media from running away with a pre-packaged story to help OPHEA and Kathleen Wynne sell this dangerous sex ed plan. Please also write to your MPP and express your concerns.

Thank you for helping us protect the spiritual and physical well-being of Ontario’s children.

For life & family,
Campaign Life Coalition