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Action Alert: Help trustees to pass an anti-nudity motion at the TDSB



Originally article published:  April 2, 2014

Over the last 2 years, shocking revelations about the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) exposing children to sexual perversion have come to light.

Take for example the September 2012 revelation that the school board website linked to a curriculum pack which enticed children to sexually experiment with vegetables, as reported by the Toronto Sun. [Warning: explicit descriptions]

Another example of the TDSB exposing children to inappropriate sexual material was reported in 2013 [Warning: explicit content]. Under the auspices of “sexual health” information, a pornographic poster was placed in a grade 7 class, offering tips on how to conduct oral sex. The disturbing poster displayed a man performing oral sex on another man. 

There are many other examples of morally corrosive curriculum in the TDSB which have the effect of sexualizing children.

New Trustee - A breath of fresh air

Finally - thank God - a rookie School Board Trustee from Ward 20 named Sam Sotiropoulos has decided enough is enough.

He is taking small but significant steps to protect students in the board from lewd and inappropriate sexual exposure.

Trustee Sotiropolous put pressure on the board to remove the veggie sex link in order that children and teachers could no longer access that “sexual health resource”.

Motion to protect children needs your support to pass
If you live in Toronto and are concerned about protecting children from lewd, indecent and illegal behaviour, we need your help. Trustee Sam Sotiropoulos has put forward a motion to be voted upon at the April 9th board meeting.
The motion threatens to withdraw the TDSB’s float from the 2014 Gay Pride Parade if the police and Toronto City council do not promise to enforce Canada’s laws against public nudity. 

The TDSB sends children to participate in the gay pride parade each year. In case you are not aware, this event features men displaying full frontal nudity in the streets of Toronto. It also includes simulated sex acts, sexual bondageand sadomasochism. None of this is appropriate for children at any grade level.

So far only 2 of the 21 elected Trustees have indicated they’ll vote YES to Sotiropoulos’ child protection motion. 

Those are John Hastings (Ward 1) and Irene Hastings (Ward 7) who co-sponsored the motion. 

One trustee, Howard Kaplan (Ward 5), has disgracefully defended letting naked men expose themselves to children in the gay pride parade. 

It is imperative that pro-family voters who live within the jurisdiction of the TDSB attend the public meeting to show Trustee Sotiropolous that there is public support for the motion. This will also serve as an effective way to apply pressure to the other 21 trustees so they vote YES.

Besides attending as observers, CLC also encourages you to apply as a delegate at the April 9th meeting. The board will allow up to 10 delegates to speak for up to 5 minutes. We are certain that gay-activists will apply. It’s vital that trustees also hear from pro-family delegates.

Details of Board Meeting & Delegating
Location: Toronto District School Board, 5050 Yonge Street, Toronto, M2N 5N8
Date: Wed, April 9th
Time: Meeting begins at 4:30pm, but the actual vote will be held later during the meeting, after delegation presentations and trustee debates are held. You are encouraged to be there early in the event that opponents of the motion attend in large numbers.
Presenting as a delegate:   This TDSB web page provides details on how to apply.

Send in the reinforcements!
For simply expressing concern for the wellbeing of children and respect for Canadian law, Trustee Sotiropolous has been attacked by the liberal mainstream media and the powerful OSSTF teachers union.

When principled men and women stick their necks out to do what is right, especially if it is politically incorrect, we must demonstrate that they have public support. We must encourage them and show that their efforts are appreciated. Will you help bring out the reinforcements?

If you are a Catholic school ratepayer, please share this Action Alert with friends and family you know who direct their taxes towards the public school system. If you are a supporter of the public system, bring a friend along with you.

Update: April 8, 2014
Last minute counter-motion by Board Chair: Is it a dirty trick to pre-empt a vote?

Just days before the April 9th vote on Trustee Sotiripoulos' anti-nudity motion, the Board Chair, Chris Bolton, put forward a counter motion which appears designed to pre-empt the child protection motion by Trustee Sotiropoulos. 
Believe it or not, the Chair's counter-motion defends nudity at the gay pride parade and calls upon the board to vote in favour of continued support of the event.  If this vote happens before Trustee Sotiropoulos' motion, it may have the effect of rendering the latter moot. Is that what the board chair is trying to do?

Bolton's motion is truly radical and disturbing. It defends public nudity and justifies it by the fact that the law has never been enforced by Toronto police.  By the same logic, if other laws are not enforced, say - against using illegal narcotics in the streets of Toronto , does it then follow that it's acceptable to expose students to this illegal, indecent behaviour? That seems to be what Trustee Bolton and his co-sponsor, Trustee Rodrigues, are arguing.

This counter motion is so radical that it talks about "towel-clad" gay men in bathhouses, within the context of justifying exposing children to adult nudity at the homosexual pride parade,  

There is only 1 day left. Please phone and email the trustees and urge them to vote in favour of Trustee Sotiropoulos' motion. Given that Trustees Bolton and Rodrigues have co-sponsored a pre-emptive motion, lobbying these two may not be worth the effort. Please focus instead on the remaining trustees.  


For life & family,
The Campaign Life Coalition Team

P.S.  Please send a note of thanks to Trustee Sam Sotiropoulos.

P.P.S. Please also express your gratitude to the motion's co-sponsors Trustee Hastings and Trustee Atkinson for supporting the anti-nudity initiative.

P.P.S. To contact the other TDSB trustees and urge them to vote in favour of the anti-nudity motion, see the list below.
NOTE: Always be respectful. Do not be rude or aggressive as that would only be counter-productive to our goal.