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23 Members of Parliament and Senators joined the March For Life

At the March For Life today in Ottawa,  20 sitting MPs, 1 former Liberal MP plus 3 sitting Senators joined in solidarity with the pro-life movement on the steps of Parliament Hill. Each parliamentarian gave a short speech expressing their desire to see a law protecting children from abortion and encouraging the crowd to keep this debate open until they succeed.

Here are a few initial photos. More will be uploaded late tonight.  If you cannot see the album below, please click this link here.

The complete list of MPs and senators is below:

  • MP Harold Albreicht / Kitchener Conestoga
  • MP Lawrence Toet / Elmwood Transcona
  • MP Stephen Woodworth /  Kitchener Centre
  • MP Wladyslaw Lizon/ Mississauga East Cooksville
  • MP Royal Galipeau / Ottawa Orleans
  • MP Jeff Watson / Essex
  • MP Rod Bruinooge / Winnepeg South
  • MP Bob Zimmer / Prince George-Peace River
  • MP Stella Ambler / Mississauga South
  • MP Roxanne James / Scarborough Centre
  • MP Kyle Seeback / Brampton West
  • MP Kevin Sorenson / Crowfoot
  • MP John Williamson / New Brunswick Southwest
  • MP James Lunney / Nanaimo - Alberni
  • MP Pierre Lemieux / Glengary Prescott Russell
  • MP Phil McColeman / Brant
  • MP Brad Tros t/ Saskatoon Humbolt
  • MP Dave Van Kesteren/ Chatham-Kent-Essex
  • MP Bev Shipley/ Lampton Kent Middlesex
  • MP Mark Warawa/ Langley B.C.
  • Sen Tobias Enverga
  • Sen Norman Doyle
  • Sen Don Plett

Former Liberal MP Tom Wappel (Scarborough Southwest) was also with pro-lifers on the step of parliament.

Members of Parliament gave many inspiring words. MP Royal Galipeau thrilled the crowd by reminding them of their rightful democratic role in driving the agenda that MPs must to follow: "You are the landlords of this place (parliament). We are only the tenants, and temporary ones at that". 

MP Jeff Watson brought his wife and 6 children to the podium with him and shared a moving testimony about how his birth mother had considered abortion for him as a baby but chose adoption instead.

Campaign Life Coalition hopes to increase the number of pro-life MPs on the hill in 2015.