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11 ways to fight Kathleen Wynne's radical sex-ed

Parents are constantly contacting Campaign Life Coalition to ask what they can do to stop Kathleen Wynne's radical sex-ed curriculum for elementary schools in Ontario.  Campaign Life Coalition provides parents with these short and long-term suggestions to protect your vulnerable children from sexualisation.  To study excerpts from the age-inappropriate, overly explicit curriculum that will be foisted on grade schoolers by the Liberal governement, click here.

Suggestion for parents

1. Sign our petition here

We will deliver them to various MPPs and ask them present them in the Ontario legislature on behalf of constituents. Sharing a petition amongst friends and relatives is also an easy way to educate others about the topic.


2. Help grow the resistance through your church or social circles with CLC educational resources

a. Printable hand-out summarizing the controversial elements of the curriculum. Use it to help educate friends, relatives and clergy.  Download here

b. Ask your pastor to include an announcement in the Sunday bulletin, and to make a pulpit announcement.   Download a sample.   En francais ici.

c.If you feel competent enough, ask your pastor if he/she would allow you to make a presentation on the topic.  CLC can provide you a canned Powerpoint slideshows presentation. Email us to request the PowerPoint slideshow.

d.Share CLC’s detailed Sex Ed Analysis web page via email and social media, so more people can learn what’s in the curriculum.


3. Email your local MPP using CLC’s auto-email tool here

In just a minute or two, you can send a well-written message to your MPP which both educates him/her and also demands they retract the curriculum. The variable messages are pre-written, but allow you the option of adding your own, personalized comments to the end.

4. Request face-to-face meeting with your MPP and at least one other concerned parent.

The larger the group of concerned parents you take to the meeting, the more impact you’ll have on the MPP.  Two parents are better than one. Five parents are better than two.  After the meeting, please send CLC a report outlining the MPPs reaction.


5. Lobby your local school trustee

Educate them about the age-inappropriate, overly explicit nature of the curriculum, which at times undermines parental authority with respect to religious beliefs and values. Ask the trustee to join the fight speaking out publicly against it.


6. Use the media

Write letters to the editor of your newspaper, and call into your favourite radio talk show to express concerns about the concerns of age-inappropriateness, overly explicit nature of the curriculum. This helps increase awareness and ultimatlely, draw more parents into the fight.


7. Attend a protest rally

There have been hundreds of protests across Ontario thus far, including a massive rally at Queen's Park and rallies at 103 MPP's offices throughout the province, and unprecedented Car Rallies Against Radical S/x-Ed taking place simultaneously in over 20 ridings across the province. Parents are continuing to organizing more right now. As dates/locations for new protests are scheduled, CLC will post them on our Events Calendar.  Check here periodically...... or start your own!


8. Meet face-to-face with your child's teacher and/or principal 

Usually, the best way to bring someone else around to your way of thinking, is to deal with the person face-to-face. This is true in Sales, and it's also true when promoting ideas.  Set up an appointment with your child's teacher and/or principal. At the meeting share your concerns about the sex-ed curriculum and request that they simply disobey the government by choosing to not teach it. There may be a lot of teachers and elementary school principals who don't like the curriculum, and all they need to help them decide, is to hear from concerned parents in a respectful, face-to-face meeting.


9. Submit a traditional values opt-out form to your child's school principal and teacher

This form instructs the school to give you advance notification of any sex-ed lessons, so that you can decide whether to opt-out your child from that lesson.  Our friends at P.E.A.C.E. (Public Education Advocates for Christian Equity) have created an excellent set of Parent Communication Forms that make it easy for you to opt-out your child from controversial lesson plans. Here are links to the different options:  

     i) Catholic form here

     ii) Protestant form here

    iii)  Muslim form here

    iv) Non-religious form here

Note:  If thousands of parents start submitting this traditional values form and also withdrawing their children from class, it would cause such disruption in the schools, that teachers and administrators would begin pushing back against Kathleen Wynne, asking her to give the Sex-Ed program "a rethink".

This tactic may also be combined with #9 above.


10. Keep the sex-ed issue and parental outrage alive until the 2018 provincial election so that sex-ed becomes the main election issue.

This is a longer-term strategy in the event that the Liberals ram the curriculum through regardless of the growing parental opposition. But it's very important nonetheless and will demonstrate parents' long-term commitment to the moral, psychological, and physical health and well-being of their children during all their critical years of growth and learning. Parents must always be vigilant, both now and at election time.


11. Financially support the existing legal action by a Hamilton father

Another long-term strategy to protect parental rights in educations involves taking the fight to the courts. Fortunately, one brave father from Hamilton, ON has already initiated legal action against the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) for refusing to give him advance notification of lessons that contradict his religous beliefs. They have also refused to let him withdraw his children from class.  

If Mr. Tourloukis wins this legal action, it will set a precedent that all school boards will be bound to follow.  However, the HWDSB is determined to take away his parental rights and will fight him all the way in the courts. Since the school board has an unlimited taxpayer slush fund to pay its legal bills (i.e. public funds) , Mr. Tourloukis is at a severe disadvantage.  

Campaign Life Coalition is encouraging donations to the legal defense fund that has been set up for Mr. Tourloukis.  You can make a donation through the legal defense fund's website here.  Or write a cheque and mail it to:
     The Parental Rights In Education Defense Fund
     3089 Dufferin Street, P.O. Box 58119
     Toronto, ON  M6A 3C8

Since this courageous father has made the tremendous personal sacrifice of going to court, you don't have to. As a result, he has been slandered and viciously attacked by local media.  If successful in court, he'll protect your parental rights too. Please consider making a donation in gratitude for his sacrifice... and to ensure the legal action will not fail for lack of money.