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Euthanasia now legal in Canada

With the passage of Bill C-14, the culture of death has now almost fully engulfed Canada. Abortion is permitted to kill citizens at the start of life, and euthanasia is now legal to kill off Canadians at the end of life, and anywhere in between.

On Thursday June 16, Parliament voted 190 to 108 in favour of euthanasia bill C-14, after rejecting a Senate amendment that would have removed the restriction that required that a patient’s death “must be reasonably foreseeable”.  You can see how MPs voted here.

Then on Friday June 17, the Senate gave up its fight to even further radicalize the law, and passed the Liberal government’s assisted death bill C-14, by a vote of 44 to 28. 

Now that there is a federal law in place, the provinces no longer have the option of invoking the notwithstanding clause to reject the Supreme Court ruling. However, provinces do have regulatory powers and can use them to tighten up the euthanasia practice which will be governed by the provincial health care system. Therefore, pro-lifers need to begin lobbying their provincial government representatives.  

Most importantly, ask them to write their provincial guideline on assisted death, such that it provides conscience protection for doctors and other healthcare workers, as well as for religious institution. Bill C-14, like the Supreme Court ruling, provides absolutely no legal protection for conscientious objector healthcare workers to refuse to participate in, or refer for euthanasia and assisted suicide. Therefore, provincial governments may be the last line of defense to protect doctors and others who believe they would be participating in an act of murder, from violating their consciences or religious beliefs. 

A failure to provide conscience protection would not only represent a violation of constitutional rights, it would also drive many physicians out of the country, or to give up their licenses, thus causing further damage to the healthcare system.

Due to the fact that provincial lawmakers have the power of regulation, they can also tighten up this horrible law, by requiring that a terminal illness be present, and by banning assisted suicide for "psychological" reasons.

We recommend you contact your elected provincial government representative, plus the Premier, Health Minister and Justice Minister of your province and begin making these regulatory demands.

Please also continue to pray for Canada and that God may help us to one day in the future, restore respect for the sanctity of life.