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Byelection in Provincial Riding of Ottawa-Vanier

UPDATED: October 31, 2016

We're delighted to inform you that there will be not one, but two warriors for parental rights, running as candidates in the Ottawa-Vanier provincial byelection on November 17.

You will remember how an Independent candidate named Queenie Yu stormed the Scarborough-Rouge River byelection, and made repealing Kathleen Wynne's radical sex ed, the #1 ballot issue. 

Her candidacy in that Toronto-area riding, running on a single-issue platform of repealing the harmful curriculum, forced PC Leader Patrick Brown's hand. For fear of losing votes to the anti-Wynne-Sex-Ed candidate, Brown issued a letter promising to repeal the curriculum.

Of course, Brown subsequently flip-flopped, but our point is that Queenie's candidacy made repealing sex ed the top concern of voters in the riding.

We can also make
repealing sex ed the top ballot issue in Ottawa-Vanier! Two different concerned moms are running as anti-Wynne-sex-ed candidates there.

One is named Stephanie McEvoy, the Director of the popular My Child My Choice Facebook group fighting the curriculum.  She is a mother of three and has already begun knocking on doors.  

The other is Elizabeth de Viel Castel. She is a mother of two young children, bright, and well-known to the pro-life movement. 

Stephanie has already submitted her nomination papers to Elections Ontario. However, Elizabeth still needs 50 signatures on her nomination documents from people who live in the riding. 

If you live in the Ottawa-Vanier riding, will you please help Elizabeth de Viel Castel obtain the minimum signatures before the deadline of November 3rd?

Please download her pdf nomination form here. Then print it off, sign it, and email Elizabeth to arrange pick-up of the hardcopy form. You can send her an email here.  If possible, please also get a neighbour to sign Elizabeth's nomination.


PC candidate hostile to parents

Andre Marin, the PC candidate in the byelection, is a strong supporter of Kathleen Wynne's radical sex ed curriculum.

This "star candidate" of Patrick Brown's is also being pushed by the gay-activist LGBTory group to which Brown finds himself beholden these days.

We're going to help Elizabeth and Stephanie make Marin and the PC Party understand that parents do not want their children to be sexualized in the classroom.  

With your help, we'll send Brown and his PC candidate, a powerful message that parents want the dangerous Liberal curriculum repealed in its entirety.


More plans to be announced

In the next few days, we'll announce other ways you can help our anti-child-sexualization candidates make a splash in the byelection.  Stay tuned...