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Historic opportunity to elect a pro-life Conservative Party Leader... and Prime Minister

There are two pro-life and pro-family candidates who are running for the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Current Saskatchewan MP Brad Trost, as well former Ottawa-area MP Pierre Lemieux, have paid their entrance fees and are competing for the top Conservative job.  They both have perfect voting records and have both been outspoken about their positions on life and family issues throughout their political careers. Both have attended and spoke at the March for Life and other pro-life events.

One day the next Leader of the Conservative Party could wind up as Prime Minister. Hence, social conservatives should look at this for what it is in the long-term: putting in place the mechanism to one day elect a pro-life/pro-family Prime Minister!


The more pro-life candidates in the leadership race the better, and that is why Campaign Life Coalition encourages you to help them both in the following three steps:

Step 1 

Join the Conservative Party (if you’re not already a member) 

It would be a historic victory to have either of these pro-life individuals win the Leadership vote. That is a very real possibility considering that at least 40% of the CPC's base consists of social conservatives.  If Trost or Lemieux get the highest number of votes from registered Party members, they’ll win. It’s that simple!

Our challenge therefore is to register as many pro-life and pro-family supporters across the country as humanly possible so that they’re eligible to vote in May 2017. It only costs $15 to for a 1-year membership.  Both Trost and Lemieux have websites where you can join the Party online through their campaigns:

Join through Brad's website:

Join through Pierre's website:

If you prefer to download a paper application and snail-mail it in with a cheque, you can download:

Brad Trost's membership form here.

Pierre Lemieux's membership form here.

It doesn’t matter which candidate’s form/online page you choose to join with at the moment. Just choose either one, or the candidate you prefer. Then fill it in with your credit card payment details or enclose a $15 personal cheque (payable to Conservative Fund Canada), and mail it in to:

Conservative Party of Canada
1720 - 130 Albert Street
Ottawa, ON
K1P 5G4

Note: If you write the candidate's name (i.e. "Brad Trost Campaign" or "Pierre Lemieux Campaign") in the Memo line of your cheque, that candidate will receive a financial benefit from the Conservative Party.

Step 2 

Donate to Brad and Pierre 

Even if you have already donated to your local EDA or the National Party, you can still donate up to $1,525 to a leadership candidate. If you can afford to, please donate to both campaigns.


Brad Trost here

Pierre Lemieux here


Please use the membership form Step 1, above, which includes a section for making a donation.

Step 3

Get involved 

Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to elect a pro-life/pro-famly Leader for a mainline party.  Both of these candidates have shown time and time again that they are not afraid to challenge the status quo and that they do not shy away from voting the right away and speaking out in support of pro-life values.

Please encourage your family and friends to support their leadership bids by joining the Conservative Party through their campaigns. Unless you have a valid membership you will not be able to vote to elect a pro-life leader of the party in 2017.

For more questions, please contact the CLC election team at 1-800-730-5358 (toll-free) or 416-204-9749 (Toronto), or email [email protected].


Update September 29, 2016:  CLC was looking forward to also endorsing MP Andrew Scheer who has a perfect voting record in the House of Commons. However, yesterday he made some very disappointing remarks to journalists after announcing his official leadership candidacy. He essentially told the media that he is personally pro-life, but would never "re-open the abortion debate". He made some other assertions which were also problematic.  From CLC's perspective, this is a pro-abortion stance which suggests to society that the unjust killing of 100,000 preborn children every year in Canada, should be of no concern to our elected lawmakers. It sends the message that these vulnerable human beings do not deserve the protection of the law. Of course, that is a dangerous and unjust message because these preborn children are owed legal protection by virtue of their being members of the human family. To be clear, we are not asserting that Andrew is personally pro-abortion, but rather, that a pledge to never re-open the abortion debate is a pro-abortion stance.