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Conservative Leadership membership drive a success!

Campaign Life Coalition would like to thank all our supporters across the country, from B.C. to Newfoundland & Labrador, who got involved in the political process by becoming voting members for the Conservative Party of Canada Leadership race.

The final week of our membership drive was amazing, culminating in a very encouraging display of political engagement in the final 48 hours before the deadline. Hundreds upon hundreds of you, perhaps thousands, kept our phone lines jammed and our inboxes crammed with new membership sign-ups in support of Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux.

Now we must focus on getting out the vote for Lemieux and Trost as the #1 and #2 choices (or vice-versa) on the ballot. Every single vote will count.

We're pleased that Lemieux and Trost also put out very strong messages targeting social conservatives to become voting members, in the final hours before yesterday's membership deadline. Lemieux published a great video outlining his pro-life, pro-family and pro-free speech platform. We recommend watching this positive and encouraging video.

Brad Trost put out a Facebook statement that blew up political correctness, in spectacular fashion, by pledging that he will never march in the "gay pride" parade. And furthermore, that as CPC Leader and Prime Minister, he would defund the controversial event which receives huge amounts of public tax dollars. The gay pride parade routinely features buck naked men walking down the streets of Toronto in full public view, sexual bondagesimulated sex actsand portrayals of sado-masochism. Young children are often exposed to this lewd behaviour.

Trost's pledge was welcomed by social conservative members of the Party who have felt betrayed by CPC MPs who have disrespected their traditional marriage beliefs by marching in the controversial event, including leadership candidates Kellie Leitch, Michael Chong, Maxime Bernier and Lisa Raitt. The usual leftists have attacked Trost in the media, but he remains unapologetic for his authentically conservative stance. Two days prior, Trost unveiled an exciting new policy to make Canada "the most pro-adoption country in the world".

Let's continue working to elect Brad Trost or Pierre Lemieux as the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. First the Leadership. Then the Prime Ministership.

Final voting will be on May 27, but members will be able to vote early by mail-in ballot. The Party will send voting instructions and ballots to registered members around April 28th. Stay tuned for more info from Campaign Life Coalition.