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Expectant mother 9 months pregnant killed along with unborn child

In what is becoming an all too common Canadian tragedy, an expectant mother, Arianna Goberdham, was brutally slain along with her 9 month old unborn baby. This time the double homicide happened in Pickering, ON on Friday April 7, and the alleged killer was Arianna's husband. This increasingly common tragedy demands that our justice system cast aside political correctness - the fear of treading on abortion politics - and dole out appropriate justice for both murder victims - the mother and the baby whom she surely loved and so wanted to bring into the world.

We expect that police investigators and the attorney general will be tempted by the absurd, amoral political climate we have here in Canada, to lay homicide charges only for the mother's death.  Politically correct voices will whisper in their collective ear, like Gríma Wormtongue from the Lord of the Rings, that this could lead to re-opening of the abortion debate, and therefore, police must pretend that this child, mere days away from being born, was not a human being.

Campaign Life Coalition watched in stunned amazement the recent case of Candice Rochelle Bobb who was slain last year while 5 months pregnant, by an apparent gang-related shooting in Toronto, as police took an unbelievable ten months to determine that, indeed, they should lay a second murder charge for the slaying of Candice Rochelle's baby, Kyrie. The injuries Kyrie suffered inside the womb lead to his death, although he did survive a short time outside the womb.

Why did it take ten months to determine that two charges would be laid?  No doubt, they were stuck as to how to justify a second count of murder due to the fact the baby was still in-utero when the injury occurred.  This demonstrates how a nation like Canada, because it has no law against the killing of unborn children, ends up even becoming soft on those who commit infanticide.

Campaign Life Coalition says, enough! A growing number of Canadians are done with political correctness. We demand justice from the legal system. The police must lay two homicide charges for the double murder.  This baby, and we don't know yet if it was a boy or a girl, was obviously cherished by its mother. This baby presumably has grand parents, aunts, uncles and close family friends who were anxiously awaiting his or her arrival into the world.  These family members deserve justice for the memory of Arianna and her unborn baby.  Although condemned to live with the pain of this crime the rest of their lives, our justice system at least owes them the satisfaction of knowing that the killer will be held accountable not only for slaying of the mother, but also of the precious little baby that they were so close to holding in their arms.

It is also time for our elected politicians to pass an Unborn Victims of Violence Act, legislation that would require additional charges to be laid when a baby is injured or killed during an attack on its mother.  Such a bill, named Cassy & Molly's Law, was recently defeated by a Liberal government majority. We have an opportune moment to raise public awareness about the need for such a law that would compel police to act properly, in the form of two Conservative Party of Canada leadership contenders who have pledged such government legislation should they become Prime Minister. Saskatchewan MP Brad Trost made this campaign promise in 2016, while Ottawa-area former MP Pierre Lemieux, pledged similar government legislation today, April 8th in an email sent to members of the Conservative Party.

We encourage Canadians to call and write their MP, write letters to the editor of their local paper, and phone in to talk radio shows about this Pickering tragedy, and to demand Unborn Victims of Violence legislation. Those who are members of the Conservative Party of Canada have a particular opportunity to demand Unborn Unborn Victims of Violence legislation from all the leadership candidates. Its time has come.