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Scheer unveils his first shadow cabinet

The first shadow cabinet under the new Conservative Party of Canada leader has been announced. It does contain some pro-life MP appointments as bright spots. However, the exclusion of leadership candidate, Brad Trost, who placed 4th overall while running on a socially conservative platform - and whose downballot support was the key to Scheer's victory - is disrespectful towards Trost, and even moreso towards the tens of thousands of social conservative voters brought in by Trost and by 6th place Pierre Lemieux, who also ran as an outspoken life/family advocate.

It was the downballot support of Lemieux and Trost voters, motivated by pro-life/pro-family issues, which crowned Scheer as leader in his razor-thin victory over Maxime Bernier. By snubbing Trost, it gives the appearance that Scheer is distancing himself from the party's social conservative base. That's a dangerous prospect for the party... and the country.

CLC has compiled a complete listing of all the shadow cabinet appointments along with their ratings on life and family issues. There are 10 pro-lifers and 7 pro-aborts. In addition, Scheer appointed 19 individuals whom CLC has currently rated with a cautionary amber light. An amber light means that either not enough is known about their stance on moral issues to rate them definitively, or that the person is "educable" but not fully pro-life.

Name Shadow Minister for CLC Rating

Ziad Aboultaif (AB)

International Development

Dan Albas (BC)

Small Business

Dean Allison (ON)

 International Trade

John Barlow (AB)

Agriculture and Agri-Food (Associate)

Maxime Bernier (QC)

Innovation, Science and Economic Development

Luc Berthold (QC)

Agriculture and Agri-Food

James Bezan (MB)

National Defence

Steven Blaney (QC) Veterans Affairs

Kelly Block (SK)


Michael Chong (ON)

Infrastructure, Communities and Urban Affairs

Tony Clement (ON)

Public Services and Procurement

Gerard Deltell (QC)

Treasury Board

Todd Doherty (BC)

Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, and the Asia-Pacific Gateway

Ed Fast (BC)

Environment and Climate Change

Marilyn Gladu (ON)


Rachael Harder (AB)

Status of Women

Matt Jeneroux (AB)


Pat Kelly (AB)

National Revenue


Peter Kent (ON)


Cathy McLeod (BC)

Crown-Indigenous and Northern Affairs, Indigenous Services and the Canadian

Rob Moore (NB)

Atlantic Issues and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Rob Nicholson (ON)


Alex Nuttall (ON)

Youth, Sport and Persons with Disabilities

Erin O’Toole (ON)

Foreign Affairs

Pierre Paul-Hus (QC)

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

Pierre Poilievre (ON)

Finance and National Capital Commission

Alain Rayes (QC)

Intergovernmental Affairs

Scott Reid (ON)

Democratic Institutions

Michelle Rempel (AB)

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship

Bob Saroya (ON)

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship (Associate)

Shannon Stubbs (AB)

Natural Resources

Peter Van Loan (ON)

Canadian Heritage and National Historic Sites

Karen Vecchio (ON)

Families, Children and Social Development

Dianne Watts (BC)

Employment, Workforce Development and Labour

Alice Wong (BC)