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Ontario Bubble Zones take effect

5 things you should know and do about the Bubble-Zone law effective Feb 1

The totalitarian bubble-zone law is in force as of today, February 1, 2018. Here are five things you should know and do:

1  All eight private abortion facilities in Ontario have an automatic 50 metre bubble-zone . The following activities within these zones will be illegal (see the list here). We encourage you to continue your peaceful pro-life outreach, but when you do, please observe the law and stand outside of the bubble-zone.

2 Unlike the private abortion facilities, hospitals and pharmacies will have to apply for a bubble-zone. Applications for bubble zones opened today, which means it might still take some time before these locations get a bubble-zone. If you are a prayer vigil organizer or you regularly witness to life, contact your local police authorities to discuss the bubble-zone. If possible, meet with the staff sergeant at the abortion facility, hospital, pharmacy etc. where you plan to witness to life and have them show you the exact boundaries of the bubble-zone.

3 Inform your family, friends, and faith communities about this bubble-zone law and encourage them to join you in speaking out against it. A quick and easy way to do this is by contacting your MPP today. Find your elected official by clicking here

4 Don’t be discouraged. Look for new, creative ways to continue getting the pro-life message out there. We must remember that although this law infringes upon our rights and freedoms, the real victims here continue to be the pre-born children, their moms, and families. Women need to hear our message of truth and support. We must not abandon them!

5 Pray. Pray. Pray. Continue to pray for an end to abortion in our nation. Ultimately, this is God’s battle, and He has already won. But in the meantime, let’s get to work! 

To learn more about the law, go to the E-Laws website (here). Additionally, read our press release from this morning (here).