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Social conservative enters Ontario PC leadership race

Campaign Life Coalition is delighted to announce that Tanya Granic Allen - a strong social conservative and parental rights advocate - has announced her intention to seek the leadership of the PC Party of Ontario.   She is the President of Parents As First Educators (PAFE), an organization that has worked closely with CLC over the years to lobby for parental rights in education, and to protect children from being sexualized by an age-inappropriate, overly explicit Liberal sex curriculum. 

Tanya is also pro-life.

A mother of four young children and a committed Catholic, Tanya has pledged to repeal the sex ed curriculum and stop Kathleen Wynne's destructive agenda. We believe her. She is someone who will work relentlessly, and never buckle under media pressure nor change her values based on opinion polls and media headlines, unlike the last PC Leader who flip-flopped like a carp on dry land.

Party members will vote between March 2 - 8 for a new leader to replace Patrick Brown, so this is your chance to return the PC Party to its small-c conservative roots, which once included respect for family values...and must do so again if it hopes to attain electoral success. The winner will be announced March 10th at a leadership convention.

Seize the opportunity. Become a member today by paying $10 to become a party member at the PC Party website, here

hurdles to overcome

Tanya is a well-rounded candidate. Young, energetic, smart, a great communicator.and organizer. Tanya also has much experience working in politics and understands how government works.

However, winning will not be easy. First of all, Tanya must raise the $100,000 entry fee which the party has established for eligible candidates. She must also obtain signatures supporting her candidacy from at least 10 existing PC members in at least 10 different riding

On top of that, she faces some heavy-duty competitors, including the very popular Doug Ford, the well-financed daughter of a former Prime Minister, Carolyn Mulroney, and veteran Ontario politician Christine Elliott. 

That all being said, we believe Tanya has a path to victory. First of all, by our estimates, social conservatives comprise at least 40% of the PC Party's base. That figure could actually be as high as 70%.  Broadly speaking, the principles Tanya brings to the table align closely with the values of the PC grassroots.

Secondly, she has great grassroots networks to tap into, including Campaign Life Coalition. Our organization alone sold 6,000 memberships for Monte McNaughton and Patrick Brown during the last PC leadership campaign (back when Brown was still pro-life/pro-family). We hope to do more this time around. 

On top of that, PAFE has an impressive supporter database of its own. Then of course, there are other organizations of a socially conservative persuasion plus churches, that will certainly support Tanya's leadership bid. 

federal leadership was proof

MP Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux's outstanding federal leadership campaigns proved that social conservatives are a large and powerful force within the conservative movement. Trost finished 4th place overall, and was actually in third place for a while during late ballot rounds. He also won quite a number of GTA and urban ridings, which shocked the party establishement and media alike.

If one adds up the first ballot results of Trost, Lemieux, plus Andrew Scheer who also ran identifying himself as a pro-lifer and thereby attracting huge socon support, you get 38% of the total vote points going to openly pro-life candidates.

Even Maxime Bernier's second place finish was thanks, in part, to the many social conservative voters he attracted by pledging to allow a pro-life bill to be voted on, and by pledging to repeal the Liberal government's transgender ideology bill, C-16. 

help tanya

In the following ways:

A) Join the PC Party by paying $10, right here.

B) Please ask five of your family and friends to join the party too.

C) Report back to CLC that you've taken these actions, by emailing us at [email protected].